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Hi I am novelreader

What I Ship:

Naruto: TobiIzu, HashiMada, IzuToka, SasuNaru, SasuSaku, NaruSaku, My OT3: SasuNaruSaku (lol), MadaMito, HashiMito, HashiMitoMada, ItaSasu (I used to like it a lot and sometimes get back into it. Not recently, but I might. There relationship is deep even if it's tinged with abuse and heartbreak), ShikaTem, NejiTen, NejiLee, SakuLee, KibaHina, NejiHina (used to be gross out by the incest but then realized wow they're really really close so it's not just ppl then...), ShinoHina, SakuIno, MikoKushi, MinaKushi, OT3: MikoKushiMina, FugaMiko, thanks to blackat I now like TobiMada, also OroSaku (for some reason i find that pairing interesting), OroSasu, OroKabu, SasuOC fics, SasuKarin, SuiKarin, oh also TobiSasu (i know it's weird but i read a fic and fell in love with the pairing...) and maybe a lot more. I honestly love all the shipping in Naruto lol so I really don't care which is more likely or why you ship it or if a ship makes no sense. I love them ALL!

Of course to me the most cannon is NaruSasu, ItaSasu, SasuSaku (unrequited love, and I think Sasuke does love Sakura to an extent but compared to Naruto not as much. I do think he can learn to love her like how Hashirama learned to love Mito, and that their bond can be strong. I'm not sure what people mean by them being abusive but I can see a bit of that, but I do think it can be worked out...), NaruSaku (for me it's more friendship but if the manga ended that way i'd be cool with it too and like sasusaku, i do think Naruto would learn, no he already loved Sakura so it won't be too much of a problem, but i think it won't be passionate kind of love he thought he had for her before. I really do think he loved her before and it wasn't like what The Last made it out to be of him not knowing what love was, or telling the difference between actual love and simple love for food like an idiot. Honestly that's ridiculous. But I think NaruSaku would be much more happier, maybe passionate, stable, and just generally cutier then SasuSaku because unlike Naruto, Sasuke has a hard time showing how he feels and opening up. Naruto is somewhat much more experienced in bring Sasuke's emotions out but that's because Sasuke is or was only confortable in showing his emotions in a violent angry way. When a lot of that went away he was just empty. Even though I'm more NaruSasu then SasuSaku, I'd like to see how Sakura and Sasuke came to be...)

Once Upon A Time: Darling Pan (OTP), TinkerHook, TinkerLily, TinkerHookLily (OT3), Swan Queen (to an extent...), Captain Swan (I'm okay with it), Rumbelle (to an extent and I'm okay with it...), Red Beauty (love it!), Panlix, Snow Queen (moreso than Swan Queen, Snowing, etc.

Yugioh: Azureshipping (kind of my OTP lol it used to be anyway and I still love it enough not to abandon. Tea and Kaiba just look cute together and I love the idea of a love/hate relationship between those two...), Blueshipping, etc.

ATLA: Zutara (OTP)

Okay I'm going to go back to publishing stories, hopefully.

I'm going to focus on a "Very Long Year" first. I wrote 3 chapters but I need to write the prologue first. It's a long story.

Basically it's a Once Upon a Time fanfic of Peter being sucked in the Curse for whatever reason which I need to figure, obviously it's because he's pissed off Regina, but how where and why is the question. I just wanted to write a humor story at first so those questions really didn't matter to me when I started. I'm determined in finishing this before I continue on the others I've started but never completed.

Haven't completed Chapter 4 of 'Lost in Paradise' but until I publish all I've already written, and get my muse back I will. So for now it's on hold.

Right now I'm in the process of ending this semester in a good note, but that is becoming hard due to my brain just... stopping...

10/14/2016- hopefully I'll go back to writing that fic I wanted to publish. I'm doing a prologue for a OUAT fic I was going to do back when I was into OUAT, I might have to go back into the fandom, though I'm honestly reluctant. I mean don't get me wrong I love Disney, but I expected them to actually be faithful to the old fairytales. Maybe they now are? I stopped at Season 3 due to my disappointment with Peter Pan, which is why I started writing a bit, but I never finished so they're stuck on my laptop. I'm going to try and finish... but's it's probably not going to be so good... I'm using the Disney storyline a bit for Peter Pan and Peter Pan Return to Neverland because I wanted to write about Jane. Again I'm really not feeling it. These days I've been more into Naruto and I'm itching to write a Naruto story. I have some ideas.

So who knows.

10/16/2016: okay I still haven't written anything... I've been stuck on tumblr. That's a bad excuse. Anyway Sewing With Shadows fic Lost In Storybrooke has been updated. That fic is my inspiration. I have to do some homework, but once I finish that and LiS then maybe I'll get some inspiration! :)

10/17/2016: I've been stuck on my tumblr again, also reading up on the elections, I feel very behind, and finishing up an episode. Wow here I am sounding like I'm getting things done. I'm really not. I need to finish my homework, and yeah I still haven't written anything... yet..

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