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An avid reader but an amateur writer. I am hoping to get better and publish an original piece. Please help by commenting on my stories. Feel free to point out grammar, spelling, and plot holes. Also, please let me know what you like or don't like, or just to say hi.

Hello, it's been almost a year since I last posted. Real life has kicked my family's butt; my husband was a combat soldier stationed in Iraq during the war, and he was one of the few who had regular...exposure to toxic burn pits. Ten years later, he is diagnosed with two different types of Cancer, amongst other medical issues. I am going to try to start writing again, even if it is just for stress relief.

"The Littlest Asgardian" - Everyone believes the Boy-Who-Lived, survived because of something he did...or something his mother did...but that's not true. It was his father...James Charlus Potter...otherwise known as Prince Loki of Asgard. This is a three-way crossover that starts with Harry Potter/Thor (Avengers)/Percy Jackson. This story is a finished piece; I am going through it and editing it with Grammarly and will post it as I get done editing it. Its sequel is almost complete, and a third book is in the works.

All other books are currently works in progress.

“The House of Brave” - Tired of watching his family be murdered, Alastor Moody takes his newborn daughter and hides her in the Muggle world; alas, if only she would stay safe. Thirteen years after his daughter is murdered, Alastor Moody has seen enough! It is time to bring his grandson back into the Moody family and teach the boy just what being a Hero of the Wizarding world is all about!

“Holiday with Hags” - Harry Potter was not the last scion of the Potter family. There was one more…one that most people did not know about, or if they did, they discredited; after all, the Potter family was a Light family, right? After all, they wouldn’t have a…HAG…as a member of their family. Right? Wrong!

“Harry Potter Beneath Perfection” - Ten-year-old Harry Potter gets to finally go on vacation with the Dursley family. However, Hoover Dam and showgirls are not the only sights the Dursley family plan on seeing. On the first day in Nevada, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley abandon Harry in Perfection, Nevada. Leaving a note with Walter Chang for Bertram Gummer.

"Little Godling at Camp Half-Blood" - Book 2 of The Littlest Asgardian Harry James Potter isn't just a wizard; he is also a God. Youngest son of Loki, God of Chaos and Mischief, aka James Potter. After having his father taken from him by Odin, the Goddess Frigga, aka Granny, takes matters into her own hands and passes the Godling Harald Loki Potter to her good friend Hera, Greek Goddess and Queen of Olympus, to raise.

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