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Well...I'm not a writer i just really love reading.I spend all hours of the day reading wonderful fan fic .I spend about 15min on facebook in a month if your lucky.I just thought i'd write something instead of leaving it blank i inleast owe those on my profile that much.I'm curently in high school and my favorite class is art and english except the grammer part as you can see.I'm a shorty at a astonishing 5"2.I'm a hespanic latina.I can take a good joke except if its racest if its a joke about my own race it doesnt bother me.I love Star Trek and have been in love with spock since i was 12.Hes mine!:)My Favorite move if i had to pick just one of the long list of amazing movies would be Instinct,The King And I,Lord Of The Rings,Shawshank Redemption,Nightmare on Elm Street,Dracula,The Wolfman,In To The Wild,Mommy Dearest,Saw,Watchmen,Fried green tomatoes,and Armageden well thats more then one.I like alot movies lets just put it that heros would be Steve Irwin for all of his contributions to animal kingdom and face it he was a great passionate guy whats not to love.Stephen Hawking because he's the worlds greatest physicist and a great teacher of mind over matter:).And leonard Nimoy for his contribution to all of the art and his pointed eared charecter he created of which would be a great tragidy if we never knew.If you made it to the end of this wow that takes a lot of will power.Thankes for reading.



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