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I love to read, especially anything to with fantasy. So when I found this site I fell in love with it. Mostly the Labyrinth Fanfic, but I'm exploring others too. I'm not much of a writer, but i so come up with allot of ideas for stories. I just have no idea how to go about putting it on paper, or screen as the case may be. The main reason i opened this account was to be able to add favorites and correspond with the other writers. But maybe an idea will stick with me long enough for me to try and write it, who knows. Ok, i'm not the best the writer, nut i plan to publish them anyway. WARNING: Most, is not all, of my fanfics will have a song in them, so maybe their songfics too. I here a song and the only thing i can think of is wither Jareth singing to Sarah or vice versa. So, if you don't like songfics, don't read any. If you don't mind, i hope you like them. If you don't like them, too bad, it won't stop me from writing. This is for me and me alone. If anyone enjoys my stories, Thank You so much! I do appreciate it.


Well, I have recieved so many reviews asking me to write more for both my stories, I have decided to give the people what they want! Wish me luck!


Ok, I am so sorry I haven't updated in so long. Life got in the way, like always. But I promise I am working on the next chapter of Uninvited. I am even working on some other one shots for Labyrinth and a Pitchblack/Firefly story. But I won't publish them until these two are finished. So, wait patiently, I promise it's worth it!!


OMG!! I feel so bad with how slow i am at updating my stories! it doesn't take me long to write them, maybe a few days, but i get SOOOOOO distracted with reading and searching for other stories that i lose track of time. I promise to sit down next weekend and write an update for Addicted! its just hard since i had originally planned for them to be one shots, so my brain refuses to co-operate with my hands and put words to screen.


Well, back again and making a promise to myself. No More changing one shots into multi chapter fics. I can see these single scenes in my head, but to try and build a story around them just puts me off writing completely. So, if you like any of my one shots and think that there should be more to the story...Feel free to run with the idea and adopt the story for yourself. All I ask is that you notify me if you do because i would love to read it!


Here is a link to my DeviantArt account for anyone who wishes to check out some awesome Labyrinth, Harry Potter, and other fan made pictures. none are my own, unfortunately, but they are still AWESOME!! http:///

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