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...Hello there...

My name is Raikun. You don't have to address me with the honorific of sama if you don't want to.

My Stories: Okay, I Failed You is complete and will remain that way due to unhealthy laziness, business, and lack of inspiration. X) That is all...

TTO2JAT: Complete and will always be completed. I'm not going to write a sequel, but if you want to know what happens to any of the OCs, just PM me and I'll let you know their future. XD

Why Can't I Just Be Single?: FINALLY FINISHED May one day write a sequel/bonus scene if enough want it...

Don't Call Me That: It is a one-shot. That is all.

The Benefits of Expressive Writing: It is also a one-shot. That is all...

The Merman and the Grump: Finished! Might write a sequel if someone can help me come up with a name for the tiny brat.

Privacy: Yet another one-shot... I really liked doing this one, though...

Reasons (excuses) for not updating:

1. I am banned from the computer. (Usually doesn't happen)

2. I do not have access to the internet. (Can happen at times)

3. There are too many things going on in my life. (A.K.A. too much homework/club activities... = =")

4. I am murdered or am in a coma. (:D)

5. The world ends.

6. I have failed and ran out of time. ( )X )

7. ...I'm too lazy or get distracted. (Probably the most likely reason. XP )

Update* Nowadays, it's 3. -depressed gloom-

Myself as an Author:

Well, I would very much like to be that amazing person who can write incredible stuff at the blink of an eye but... I'm not. Boo...

Anyway, I am the idiot author who writes most stuff without knowing how to end it or who can't think of any stuff until the time to think of any stuff becomes unavailable. XD

I'm also a sucker for happy endings. It's probably something I'll never grow out of. So, no matter what happens in my stories, IT'LL BE OKAY. ...most likely. XD

It's not like I hate tragedy, I mean, I'll read tragedy and enjoy it if it's good, but the aftermath consists of me waddling around in a cloud of negative feelings and unproductiveness. So it's not something I try to read often.

I try my best to not make any major grammar mistakes and will apologize in advance for any mistakes I make. English is my first language, so I don't have any excuse.

I'll gladly accept any critique or corrections, but please be nice about it. :/ Courtesy is a nice thing.

Manga/Anime I Like:

Naruto, One Piece, Bakuman, Gintama, Sket Dance, Death Note, Pandora Hearts, Code Geass, Durarara!!, OHSHC, Kekkaishi, Detective Konan, Bakuman, Full Metal Alchemist, Higurashi no Naku Ni, En Passant, S.A., Baccano!!, Angel Beats, D. Gray Man, Kuroshitsuji, Shiawase Kiss Sanchoume, Hetalia, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Silver Spoon, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Dokuhime, The Embalmer

I... read way more manga than I should. It's not something I'm very proud of. :/

I like both shounen and shoujou manga/anime, but I just can't stand most ecchi/harem series. I find a lot of them really generic and it's kind of tiring. No offense.

Most of the manga I do like are either intense, unique, or just plain happy.

BUT, I believe I am what you call a Narutard. Don't get me wrong, I don't like a lot of stuff going on in Naruto, but no matter how many manga/anime I read/watch respectively, I can't help but love Naruto the most. :/ It's my first, after all. XD

Books I Like:

I'm a bit of bookworm. I am easily hooked on books, and when I read them, I READ THEM. If there are distractions, they are blocked out.

Right now, I enjoy realistic fiction, historical fiction, and allegory. I like most of the Russian authors.

Music I Like:

I like all kinds of music. It really just depends on whether it "catches" me or not. Most of the music I listen to, though, is primarily Japanese, due to my excessive love of anime.

Myself as a Person:

Should this even be a separate category? Whatever...

My hobbies chiefly include learning Japanese, reading, expressive writing, drawing, and running. I like crafts.

I get stressed and frustrated easily, so a period of running like mad for 20 minutes or so does wonders for me.

I am also an impatient person. One of my biggest pet peeves is waiting for cars to start going when a red light suddenly turns green. I try my best to think a more patient manner.

I have alternating periods of great productivity and great un-productivity.

I like spending time with my family.

I also like social interaction. But I suck at it.

I also suck at sports. So I envy athletic people a lot. But hey, you get what you get.

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