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Greetings fellow fanfiction-lovers and aspiring writers!!

I've been on Fanfiction.Net for a long time and I decided to finally make an account and try my hand at writing my own stories.

I was working on a couple of one-shots/short stories inspired by BlackMetalHeart’s challenge “Four words--Spock Coffee Jim Chocolate.” The first is Christmas with the Kirks which is taking forever to write, mostly because I started it the summer before starting college and now that I've started college I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find time to finish it. But for those of you interested, it's a kid-fic AU with Spock spending Christmas on Earth with an old friend of his mother's, Winona Kirk; her son, Jim Kirk; and his friend, Leonard McCoy. Despite miscommunications galore, an unbelievably rocky start and their vast differences standing in the way, Spock finds himself fascinated by this diverse group of individuals, especially their relationships to one another and how they interact, and attempts to learn more about them. Unfortunately, Spock being Spock, he makes quite a few mistakes along the way. It's a mix of a bunch of different genres, including humor, angst, friendship and character study, and it's the first ever story I've written so I'm still feeling my way around, but I'd say it's something I'm very proud of...once I actually finish it, that is.

A sort of spin-off of Christmas with the Kirks is my second called The Morning After. I started writing this as just sort of a stress reliever during Christmas with the Kirks since I kept getting hung up with serious writer's block and I needed a lighter, shorter piece to work on to get a little distance from my other project. I never really thought of it as a continuation of Christmas with the Kirks while writing it but after I finished I had to admit they had some similarities so I threw in a subtle reference or two and just decided to call it an unofficial spin-off/continuation. Anyway, this one is a K&S one-shot in which Kirk and Spock find themselves wrapped together in Spock's bed (in a totally platonic way, I swear!) sleeping off a wild night which they can't really remember but was probably, actually most definitely, Kirk's fault. There's some of the classic Kirk-Spock dynamic with, of course, touches of the reboot relationship thrown in and Jim plays a little practical joke on Spock, but hey, what are friends for, right? Especially when that friend is James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise. If that sounds like your thing then it might be one to try out, but it was mainly made for my sake. Even though it's pretty much done, I probably won't release it until the first story is done and published.

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