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UFC Fight Predictions

Reyes and Costa to win!!!!!!!!!!

Team Cruz all the way!

Dominick Cruz has a Puppy called "Dojo" I want to see Mayhem Miller's Dog with them. Dojo on one side, Gator on the other and Dominick Cruz in the middle. It would be the cutest picture ever!

"Years from now, people are going to look at him and say "Why didn't we appreciate him more?" -Kenny Florian talking about Dominick Cruz.

Still on Team Barao

Team Poirier,

Team Zingano

Been watching Cruz VS Bowles when Dominick won by TKO. Cruz is so cute. He gets the belt put around his waist and the awful crowd start booing. Dominick says:

"Please don't boo me. I wanna Thank everyone for coming out to see me fight" Bless him.

How cute can Cruz get?

Why can't the UFC put Daley on a UK Prelim Card?

How long is Dana going to punish Daley for one mistake that he made over Three years ago?

I think Dana might be more willing to bring Cyborg to the UFC now that he's seen her lose. But she'd still beat any woman Dana White puts in front of her.

Cyborg is still the best female MMA girl out there. Love you Cyborg.

Will always support Adam Gontier and Three Days Grace together or apart. Love you Adam!

Killing Eve: Eve and Nico shipper/ Eve and Elena shipper/ Kenny and Elena shipper! I really want Elena to come back for season 3! I want to see if her and Kenny actually get together!

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