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Writing does not come naturally to me. That is why I have written just about nothing. On another note, I can't stand ANY work that makes any character bashing. Some OOC, yes, I can handle that, but bashing just makes me cry.

Completely weird interpretations of stuff (Naruto "dark" canon, Ranma permanent damage through beatings, Asuka violence, ect) is just stupid, really. Before you yell at me for that stuff, allow me to explain. Look up tsundere. I don't want to explain. Suffice to say, every single show of the girl hitting the guy is COMEDY. Do NOT use as a basis for "Well, Sakura beats up Naruto, so she must be a bitch." Like hell. If any single wound caused by an attack lasted even until the next time they were seen, that might be a different story. They don't.

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