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Joined Dec '09

The name's GohanSSJ2x, I'm a male born in 1991.

DragonBall Z is my favorite Manga/Anime, I dislike GT because they made Goku a one man show.

My favorite DBZ couple would hands down be Gohan and Videl. Personally I think I have the best Gohan/Videl collection of stories. If you have a g/v or Gohan story then PM me. I'm always looking foward to reading something new. The stories here are awesome.

The only thing I hate is that some people quit on awesome stories because of reviews , I know that I haven't written any..yet...but if I did I wouldn't give up 'till it's done, so please everyone don't give up on your awesome stories just because you dont get a lot of reviews, once your done with your story I'm sure you will get tons of reviews.

I love music, sports, video games, animals, and my newest love is reading. I use to HATE to read until I found this site.

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