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I am here to comment on your stories. Keep in mind that when I review, I never review based on content. When I review, I base eveything on how well written a story is. A good comment consists of what you liked about the story, what you didn't like, and most times, a suggestion on how to fix the story. I am not flaming, I am just being a well-rounded critique. One more thing, Forgive me if you get ticked off because of a comment. I am doing my job as a Review Wiz.

You can learn from other people's opinion. Try to learn from a review. If a person tells you what they like, then incorporate that into all your stories. If a review states that your story is bad, then fix the error.

This is why my job is so important!

YOU can be a Review Wiz too! Every fic you read, comment. in your comment have,
1. weather you liked or disliked the story
2. what exactly you liked or disliked
3. why you did or did not like that part.

I LOVE reading fan fiction. I read em' all!

The Easiest way to get good reviews is to edit, reedit, beta, and double check your work.

Remember, the amount of effort you put into your stories reflects the amount of happy reviews you receive.

Do you want me to review a story? Private message me with a link, and I'll check it out!

I took the SemeUke Quiz! I'm a Badass Uke. What are you? Go here to take the quiz!

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