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Hello my name is Luke Kire. I write on the off chance I get, sometimes about my travels and other neat story ideas I get. I'm not much of a writer, but I do enjoy telling stories and reading just about anything. I don't really know if I'm any good, and don't really care, but I care about proper Vocabulary, Punctuation and Dictation. I also don't write a lot, so my stories may take a while to be finished.

Real Name: Luke Kire (Don't google me, it won't work) :)

Hair: Brown

Skin: White

Race: Mexican

Location: United States, California, Sacramento. (Most my stories are based in Sacramento.)

Sign: I don't know. Stop sign?

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Racing movies, Lots more to mention.

Books: Star Wars Extended Universe books, Sherlock Holmes, Old classics, Marvel Comics eg. Spiderman, Fantastic 4, Silver Surfer.

Political Affiliation: None.

Video Games Console: Ps2, Nintendo 64, PC. Favourite game = Live for Speed

Favourite Color: Green.

Disclaimer. All characters and events portrayed in my novels are based on real people. Any similarity between these characters and their adventures to people living, dead, or yet to be is probably true. If you cannot differentiate any between fact and fiction, it's my fault.

Also, if you notice any lack of information in my stories, it may be due to people who wished to keep some details confidential and disclosed, I simply was not able to get more information on it, or I forgot. It happens. Most of my stories with the main character have been slightly modified from the real thing to prevent harm to the "real" (F), Jr, and Zerin Sakech.

Any questions will be answered. If I feel like it.

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