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Hey there. =3 I'm pretty new to fanfiction.net, so I might be like 'what's that? how do I do this? what does that do?! HELP ME!!' or something. Anyway, I love to review stories, and when I'm too lazy to log in, I review with Chocolate Kitten as my name. Just so you know. I luuuuuurve Invader Zim! I also like Harry Potter, BTR, Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Ice Age, Warrior Cats, and many, many, many more. ^-^ By the way, I am a BIG fan of yaoi(however you spell it xD) or more simple, boyxboy fanfics. Soo...those are the types of fanfics I'll most likely be reading. =P My favorite couple EVER is ZADR, from IZ. Second favorite...RAPR, again from IZ. Third...ya know what, here's the list below of my fave pairings. If I continue like this, it is going to be one LOOOOOONG paragraph xD

1st: ZADR (IZ) -IT ROCKS!!!!!! =D-

2nd: RAPR (IZ)

3rd: EddxEddy (Ed Edd n Eddy) -I get so confused with their names! xD Uh, I think it's Double D and Edd, because I am proud of myself to know that Ed is the tall one =P-

4th: RemusxSerius (Harry Potter)

5th: CarlosxKendall (BTR)

6th: LoganxCarlos (BTR)

7th: JamesxKendall (BTR)

8th: CarlosxJames (BTR)

9th: JamesxLogan (BTR)

10th: LoganxKendall (BTR)

11th: DracoxHarry (Harry Potter)

12th: HarryxRemus (Harry Potter) -I'm not so sure if I like this pairing very much anymore =( -

13th: ZAGR (IZ) -Eh. I don't like Gaz very much xD-

14th: TsumexKiba (Wolf's Rain) -I don't like this pairing much anymore, since I don't watch Wolf's Rain anymore xD-

15th: SidxDiego (The Ice Age)

...I have tons of other favorite couples, just so you know ^^ I am, much to my distress, starting to dislike most of these pairings I used to like, except for the Invader Zim and Harry Potter Pairings, of course. If I ever, EVER grew out of Invader Zim or Harry Potter, I swear that I'd jump off my roof and hit my head on concrete! O.o Nah, just kidding xD I'm actually looking forward to at least living 20 more years of life -.- I would be stuck in depression forever if I stopped liking the Invader Zim and Harry Potter Series.


I AM SOOO FREAKING HAPPY INVADER ZIM GOT PUT BACK ON TV!!!! =D =D =D =D YIPEE! *Huggles Zim and Gir* I'll delete this little thing in about five months xD

Now, a little about me...I'm a fangirl(for certain things) and I am proud of it. =) I love to draw, a lot of people think I'm really good at it. I love wolves, cats, tigers, snakes, and nature. I'm trying to get better at writing, I still have much to learn. -.- I also love listening to music. Uh...who doesn't?! Anyway, I'm not gonna even bother putting down a list of which songs I like. Seriously, my fave song list would take up 50 pages. e.e My personality? Well, I'm NOT dramatic. If I like someone and they like someone else, I don't spend every second of my life in my room crying into my pillow *rolls eyes* I also don't get excited very easily. If a tornado was in my area, I could care less. I'm pretty shy with people, but I'm pretty sarcastic and nice. I hate to be teased or being hated. Kids at school know this, because last year, poor Connor got punched in the face by me for sexually harassing me . So...yeah. Don't try to make me angry ^-^ (I believe I broke his nose, too xD I just punched him hard enough to let him know I was annoyed O.o)

I love to make friends, too, though xD Making friends are better than making enemies, I guess. =D

I'll try making a story one of these days, but until then, you'll just see me reviewing stories I like. ^-^ Also, when I forget to log in, I'll review as Chocolate Kitten as my name. =)

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