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Hey, y'all. I'm Sassy. I hail from Southern California and relocated to Wyoming about six years ago. I am loving life out here in this beautiful wilderness. It snows a lot here but the fact that I'm not drowning in people is a massive plus. I can also fill my car for less than $40. Spoiler alert: this place is awesome. I love this state and all its wide open space, so don't be surprised if it's often featured in my writing.

I'm a preschool teacher in ultra-rural Wyoming and I spend a lot of time volunteering at my church with kids ages birth through eight. A lot of the kid material I have in my stories comes from personal experiences. They aren't kidding when they tell you "kids say the damndest things". I definitely had a kindergartener tell me she couldn't focus because she had just quit smoking. I'm not even kidding.

Reading is my life and writing my addiction. I am hopelessly addicted to movie scores and scores in general. I long ago discovered Tumblr and have since immersed myself in the Multifandom. Star Wars is currently crushing my soul because when is it not, really. I also just about died over Steve and Bucky in Civil War.

NOTE TO MY READERS (10/16/16):

I am a full-time teacher in the middle of nowhere with sketchy internet connections and a demanding, full-time job. My student roster includes sixty birth to five year olds and roughly twenty kids from Kindergarten to third grade that I tutor after school. My long work hours, demanding workload, and lack of free time doesn't leave spare time much for reading, let alone writing. I'm doing my best and I have a lot of snippets I jot down when I have a moment to, but for the most part, I only get to write on long weekends and holidays. Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time traveling in Wyoming - it's really the only option when you live two and a half hours from the closest Target (I wish I was kidding, guys, I really am).

Please just know that I'm doing the best that I can and I have not abandoned any of these stories. I'm busy editing and revising Miles Apart and Fight the Good Fight, but they'll be back better and shinier than they were before. Some of the writing made me cringe. Sixteen-year-old me was a tad bit dramatic. Updates for Son of the Sea God and The Mystery Flu will be slow, but they will come!

Feel free to PM me about anything! I love hearing from my readers. I may not answer it right away, but I'll get around to it eventually.

Thank you to all my loyal readers and fans! Lots of love from the Equality State!

- Sassy


1. More Than A Feeling

Prequel to Miles Apart. "Another Life" verse. AU. Dean Winchester is the son of one of the most famous hunters in the world, hardened by years of experience and the death of his mother. Paige Newbern is the daughter of a line of hunters stretching back to before the Middle Ages, a well-trained hunting machine with a formidable hunting partner no one dares to cross. By chance, their two worlds are thrown together, and before he knows what happens she's stolen his heart. The story of Dean and Paige and the adventures that led to the couple we know today.

2. Miles Apart

Supernatural Season One. AU. Dean was guided down a different path that altered the course of his future. On the hunt for their father, Sam downs in guilt and pain while Dean is constantly fighting with himself. His obligations are different now and he knows more than he ever did before. Along the way he drags Sam into something bigger than the two of them ever could have imagined. The Hunting world just got a whole lot stranger.

3. Fight the Good Fight

The Winchester legacy is all about sacrifice. With the patriarch of the family dead, brothers Dean and Sam are left to fight the good fight alone while hunting for Yellow Eyes. Their family is the only comfort, but for one brother family becomes his curse. Things with the Council start to get complicated and Dean and Sam start to fear they may find each other on opposite sides of a fence. Together, can the Winchesters make it through? Set loosely in Supernatural Season Two. "Another Life" verse. AU. Sequel to Miles Apart.

4. Renegade - COMING SOON

Dean has fallen into Hell’s trap and has sold his soul, despite a certain angel’s warnings. Sam is desperate to stop it but there are others who know it is futile and begin to make plans of a different nature. The Council is being more secretive than ever and Constance has mysteriously disappeared. While Dean battles his guilt and Sam is blind from a desperation to save him, bigger things have been set in motion that they are not yet aware of. Can the family keep it together and retain their sanity? Set loosely in SPN S3. "Another Life" verse. AU. Sequel to FTGF.

5. Ask the Lonely - COMING SOON

Dean has gone to Hell, and his family is in mourning. The impact of his death is tearing his family apart and has had more far-reaching consequences than anyone could have imagined. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, though, and there are those who start piecing together the bigger picture. They do not like the picture they find. Pre-S4. "Another Life" verse. AU.

6. Hell's Bells - COMING SOON

Dean is back from Hell and events are starting to unfold that spell disaster for everyone. Sam is not who he used to be. The Council is desperately trying to stay ahead of the coming storm and things are happening that nobody can explain. Can the brothers stay strong even in the face of such overwhelming odds? Set loosely in SPN S4. "Another Life" verse. AU.

7. Shoot to Thrill - COMING SOON

The apocalypse is here and the Winchester family with the help of the Brotherhood are dead set on stopping it. Will they be able to, or will heaven have the final say? Not everything is as it seems and the bigger picture slowly starts to become clear to everyone involved. Heaven wants them to give in and give up, but everyone knows the Winchesters are too stubborn for that - even if it means losing everything they've ever loved. Set loosely in SPN S5. "Another Life" verse. AU.

8. "Sons of the Father" Sub-verse - COMING EVENTUALLY
I've got 112 pages written if anyone wants to beta! PM me!

"Saving people. Hunting things. The family business."

This is the creed the Winchester kids live by, even if their father doesn't strictly approve of them following in his footsteps. Follow the Winchester Legacy through their children and those of their closest friends. Sometimes it takes bonds of friendships forged in the heart of war to outlast the darkness; the smallest spark can outlive the darkness. Post-S5. "Another Life" verse. Future fic.

Son of the Sea God

Zeus kills Sally Jackson with his master bolt when Percy is six months old, drastically changing Percy's life and the course of his future. Raised in Atlantis and trained for a life of duty, Percy is not the same boy who stumbles into Camp Half-Blood after accidentally killing a Minotaur. Poseidon and Amphitrite have set in motion events that could mean civil war on Olympus. An unlikely ally stands in their corner, but it may very well not be enough to stop the events that are to come.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians AU. No pairings at this time, save Poseidon/Amphitrite.


1) Driving Lessons

Supernatural. A funny little segment of an amusing interaction between Dean and our favorite angel, Castiel. No slash.

2) Snowdrift

Supernatural. Let's just say that Castiel and snow do not get along. And that he's adorable when he's clueless. Dean/Castiel humor. No slash.

3) Falling

Gabriel. What Gabriel was thinking right before he fell. Slightly AU at the end.

4) The Mystery Flu

Avengers/Bourne Crossover. Clintasha. Clint Barton is undercover as Aaron Cross. When Outcome virals him off his greens without his knowledge, his health rapidly deteriorates from a severe mystery flu and SHIELD freaks the hell out. Clint's life hangs in the balance. Natasha is not amused by this turn of events.

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