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This space on the web is my escape. I read, I imagine, I escape.

I ponder the possibility of the modern gentleman, I wonder where he is?

I often sigh to myself and think 'I wish I had an Edward'

But most of all I laugh out loud, I feel for the characters and I sometimes even tear up a bit. Maybe...

Sometimes, I get so worked up I feel sick to my stomach. Angst anyone?

Or so frustrated, I have to take a break and walk way for a bit. Bella can make you feel that way sometimes.

This is a good thing - I'm engaged, and my favourite writers are affecting me! They are writing well.

Thank you to the fandom, the many writers, the active participants and the lurkers who enjoy quietly for the many hours and hours of pleasure and escapism.

xox MsLiss

Check out my community below for all the completed fics I've read and enjoyed!*

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