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I hadn't written fanfic in several years, but when ZiraAngel gave me a 50 word-a-day quota on livejournal I was "Why the hell not". This was originally so I could alert fics and authors and make signed reviews, but it has a new purpose. This'll have the chapters (made by compiling livejournal posts when I accumulate enough to make a proper chapter) with any graphic sex stripped out. Some are still mature with a lot of swearing and causal talk ABOUT sex. If it's M rated and if this is not your cup of tea, please don't bitch to me. -

I am currently 29 years old and female. My favorite animals are foxes, owls and cats. There now you know something about me. *grins* Seriously, I love talking to those who read my stories and love reviews. Feel free to comment!

For those looking for the un-cut adult versions of my fics, or a mirror site for my edited versions -

Another edited version can be found at DevientArt here: Yoru-Hana

Un-cut sexings can be found at my page here: Yoru Hana

and Y-gallery here: Yoruhana

Won't You Be My Neighbor is still being written as I have time, but will not be updated here until I'm closer to the end of it for various reasons.

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