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I look for something without Edward/Bella I don't know why but I do have my faves like BellaxPeter and CaiusxBella and Demetri/Bella and lately I am reading a lot of the Paul or Sam paired with Bella that is mostly because I see them as Dominates and love it :D yeah sick n twisted mind here :P If I am in the mood for love and such I go for emmetxBella MarcusxBella and Jasper x Bella but I love any that really doesn't have Edward as the leading. Love them all. Love Twitter RP also *smiles* Feel free to Follow @MistresSulpicia. I am well over the age of 18 lol and have children over 18 one would be the beautiful daughter of mine... she is all about Edward/Bella keep that in mind, but is an excellent writer.

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