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Current update: 19 Oct 2012

Still in classes requiring a lot of writing. Sorry I'm not posting anything new for a while. My wife found her writer's bug so I've been proofreading some of her stuff but for the most part I have to focus on the things that will ultimately help me and my family eat and have a roof to live under. Finances have been rather troubling lately after I wasn't reimbursed for a significant chunk of my moving expenses that I thought I'd be. I'm still in the black, but just barely.

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Favorite Genre: I'll admit it, I love the WAFF (Warm And Fuzzy Feeling) stuff. I suppose I don't feel the need to prove any sort of silly macho manliness crap that most other guys seem to. And my wife certainly doesn't seem to mind. Aside from that, I love comedy. After Afghanistan, I can't handle horror anymore, or really nasty mind games. They mess me up for DAYS. Seriously.

Favorite Authors: Robert Asprin, Douglas Adams, Jim Butcher, Terry Pratchett, Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman, and a host of fanfiction authors; John Walter Biles, Sean Gaffney, Richard Lawson, Mike Loader, RpM, Jeff Hosmer, and all the folks on my favorites list, and many more. You guys fill my life with wonderful things to read. Thank you.

Favorite Webcomics: 21st Century Fox, Dungeons & Denizens, Freefall, Girl Genius, Goblins, Keychain of Creation (Yes, I'm an Exalted player), Original Life, Schlock Mercenary(Have to respect a guy who can put out a comic a day, EVERY DAY, for TEN YEARS SOLID!), Ninja Burger, weregeek, and a few others I don't read so often. I especially enjoy XKCD.

My response to those that leave negative, but useful reviews: Thank you, I'll work to improve things!

My response to people that leave negative and useless reviews:

Favorite Music: Techno, Trance, Industrial, Dance music.

Job: Soldier in the US army.

Additional info: My older brother introduced me to my first Anime series, Ranma1/2, when I was 16 years old. Despite a lot of things happening in the intervening 16 years (good god that's half my life!), I still find that it is by far my favorite series although I have found many others that I enjoy since then. I like reading fanfiction of all types/genres, but find myself drawn again and again to Ranma fanfiction. I have started up this account in an effort to have a place to post my own contribution to the fanfic world. I have written a bit, although most of it was quite some time ago, before I was sucked into an MMO addiction. I am successfully fighting it now, and have found that the return to writing has been a welcome change of pace, as well as allowing me more time to be a better husband, father, and soldier. Other series I enjoy are Naruto, Martian Successor Nadessico, Trigun, Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad, and Full Metal Panic!

I am joining in the Anything Goes Martial Arts Review Challenge (hereafter referred to as the AGMARC), as offered originally by O'Donaghue: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/36327/ODonoghue (He is also an outstanding fanfiction writer.)

I challenge that if you review to me with at least one solid paragraph of review - anything from criticism, what you liked, corrections, or ideas for the future, not just that you like it and want more - and I will reply (if email is available) by writing an entire scene of the reviewed fic within one month, and send it to you, giving you a glimpse of the future.

In the case of completed fics or one shots, it will go to Apology for chaptered ones or future one shots sitting half written. You may request a scene for a particular story if you wish.

Give me your best shot. Help me write.

(Yes, that's copy/pasted off of his profile, with minor changes. Easiest way to ensure I'm doing the same thing.)

Now I'm gonna get up on my own soapbox for it: If you want to see more of anyone's work, REVIEW. Review EVERYTHING you read, it's the only feedback we get. It helps the Author know what was effective and what they need to work on more. I write here on FFN in an effort to clean up my writing style so I can tackle a couple of Novels that I plan to write (One of which I think is a cool enough story to get published, if I ever finish it). At the very least, reviews let the authors know that if nothing else, people are READING OUR STUFF! If ever there was a good reason to sit down and write the next chapter, that's it. Knowing that there are people out there looking forward to seeing it is a great motivator. Every time I read the reviews I get I really feel like writing more.

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