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Name: Taylor

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Family: Mum, Dad, and 3 younger brothers.

Favourite number: 13!

Interests: Reading, sewing (as inexperienced as I am), and just generally Artie sorta things

Hate: almost everything...

Fav Color: blue and turquoise

Appearance: blond hair with purple streaks, blue/green eyes, and 5'6" roughly (165cm)

Job: I work at a hospital in admin, I am currently a university student studying high school teaching majoring in history and English.

Okay, my fav couples are:

Harry Potter:

Fred x Hermione

Harry x Hermione

Sirius x Hermione

Remus x Hermione

Draco x Hermione

My least fave couples are:

Harry Potter:

Draco x Pansy

Ron with anyone

Lucius with anyone

Harry x Ginny

Ron x Hermione


Due to being a student I am not actively writing anymore. I am happy to read other people’s stories and provide feedback, eventually, I would like to start writing again but as of right now I don’t know if or when that might happen. If you wish for me to help with your story send me a PM and I will respond with my private email so we can talk further. (15/10/19)

Until next time, xx

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