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love to read although was not always the same when i was younger i hate reading then i start reading book in high school for extra credit. I start reading really small books with like 100 pages then i start getting thicker and more hard to read books, it was like i could not stop reading they become my obssession literally if i did not read a book a day it was like i was missing something.

Then i hear about twilight and i was like is going to be so boring but oh how wrong i was i love it, i read the first book in 24 hours not sleeping, from then i read all four book in one week, lest just said that there was not much sleep that week.

Books; Twiligh(all 4 books), vampire academy(all books), blue bloods(all books), Thirst(all books), House of night (all books), A child call it, bere foot, the cage, Wicked Lovely (almost all books), R.L. Stine (almost all his books), Vampire kisses, Gallagher Girls( all the books). AND many more but those are just some of my favorite.

Music; all types of music as long as is not heavy rock

Movies; twilight, titanic, just like heaven, underworld, resident evil. also love some spanish movies, also love disney movies, but mostly horror movies,

Real life; love to read, cook and bake, hate sports.

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