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Hi! My name is Yue. Well, I wish my name to be that.

Well, my English is not that high standard. You could say that Chinese is my main language so I will confuse it together with other languages. Sometimes my grammar and vocabulary could use wrongly. XD

I have read a lot of fanfic so I want to try to write it once. I can only imaging the picture in the mind if I want to write that is hard to describe it. XP
Some time I will have to abandoned my story.

My deviantART account = I don't really post my drawing because I don't have scanner at home.

My Livejournal account = Currently I don't really log in in this account so its nothing to see.

Current Project:

TITLE: Sky of Magician
STATUS: Abandoned because run out of idea.
SUMMARY: A group of Dark Wizard were going to break the seal of The Dark Lord. It will bring the world to endless sleep. Only the Destined Twins had the power could kill or seal The Dark Lord.
NOTES: I would like it if someone could continue this story.

TITLE: Loss of Memories
STATUS: Completed.
SUMMARY: Gintoki lost his memory on accident while buying Jump. He does not want to remember. Hijikata wants to help him to remember his memory. What will Gintoki do? HijiGin Might write a sequel.

TITLE: Moonlight Star
STATUS: On hiatus.
SUMMARY: After many years Ciel soul split into half and reborn as a demon child. Sebastian was taking care of his sister twins. What bad things will happen when old enemy has back? After season 1 not related to season 2. SebastianxOCxCiel

TITLE: I wish I could meet you again
STATUS: Completed.
SUMMARY: Arthur and Alfred POV about their feelings from the beginning of their meeting. Poem. USUK

TITLE: Read the future Book 1
STATUS: In progress.
SUMMARY: The Marauders and Lily Evans read about Harry's future. It have a different ending from the last book. Harry DID NOT together with Ginny but someone else. Read it and find out. MxM. Mpreg.

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