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Welcome to my profile!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except for OCs, plots and worlds. However, some of these I may want to use once more in the future so please do not use them without asking me. However, anything I don't own is not mine and I am in no way associated with the authors

Name: Miki Shirayuki -Real Name:...
Likes: Manga, dancing, singing, daydreaming, reading, writing, poetry, skating and making up stories.
Dislikes: a lot of things (i will not say because it's a list that may be too long)
Languages: English, French, chinese,and Japanese all fluently. Age:13

I have a tendency to write at 2 in the morning so my grammar is bad due to fatigue.

Most writing projects will be postponed due to One doushinji and a oneshot


I think Watanuki is Clow I have thought this from about Chapter 81.I don't not know why I just do.

There is something with CLAMP and the number flashbacks most


One Universe,Infinite Worlds

A crossover of many mangas, starting with Bleach and Tsubasa. Rosario+vampire will join the mix with xxxholic in chapter two.

Chapter One belongs to shirahistugaya rewrote by my brother.

chapter two up

Our Journey Together

A story I wrote during Tsubasa but had to personal favorite.

One-Shot Complete

Events throughout the story from clone Sakura view.

Through the Mirror

A story I wrote a three in the morning so my French part and English was terrible.THis was originaly for the Syaorons.

One-Shot Complete

The two are the same but two different entities.The two Sakuras and Yuko.

Story Ideas

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