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News Flash.

08/31/2018: Posted new story for Doctor Who: All the Time That Heals.

08/29/2018: New story in the works for Doctor Who.
Officially cancelled Forged in Steel.

08/29/2018: Posted new chapter, Reborn.

Current Works.

BBC's Sherlock

No Bird: "I am no bird." Between editing at Midliner Publishing Company, writing her novel, and readjusting to life back in London, Abigail Stewart doesn't exactly have time to deal with Sherlock Holmes, his new best friend, and their crime solving antics, but it's what she signed up for when she married the consulting detective two years ago. Even if just for the convenience of it.

Doctor Who

All the Time That Heals: "Perhaps the very fact that the moon could never have the sun was the reason she loved him so." The Doctor, Martha, and Jack find themselves at the end of the universe, where they meet Professor Yana, Dr. Vida Conner, and Chantho, who are trying to help humanity reach Utopia. Not long after, they discover Yana is the Master, but he wasn't he only Time Lord to escape the war.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Be Soft: "Be soft for the sake of every hard heart." He came like she imagined all suitors would: handsome and charming but just not right, not him. Theoric was everything she should want in a husband, but Sigyn couldn't find it in her heart to love him. Not when it already belonged to another man. Who one loved did not matter, however, when one was the heir to the throne of Vanaheim.

Possible upcoming Sigyn x Loki story. At the moment, it appears it will be told through a series of related one-shots and drabbles but might later branch out to be a whole story of its own. Set in the same universe as Girl Almighty.

Forged in Steel: "Stop kicking my heart around, it's beating just for you." After waking up in the present day, Steve Rogers has to come to terms with the loved ones he has lost & left behind. Meanwhile, HYDRA locates a new target for the Winter Soldier and unfreezes an old asset, "STEEL".

Forged in Steel is a Reader insert series, focused around the polyamorous relationship between Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and the Reader.

Girl Almighty: "I'd be a terrible superhero." What's it like to be a billionaire's daughter? Not as great as everyone thinks. Sure, Ashtyn can have pretty much everything she wants. Plus, she has a good time hanging out with her father when he's working in the lab, but really all she wants is for her mother to not be missing and to go to public school instead of the boarding school she attends.

Reworking of the story previously known as (1) Hurricane, (2) the Mentalist, and (3) the Young Avengers Initative Series. Set in the same universe as Be Soft.

Once Upon a Time

Match Stick: "You don't have to worry about selling any matches here, darling. We'll be your family no matter what." Peter Pan was the devil. Elaine knew that. It had been preached to her by both her father and her teacher. He was a demon inhabiting the body of a child, and yet, he had her wrapped around his demonic little finger.

Still Travel by Foot: "Oh, dear. You do seem lost. Do you need directions to the Old Road?" Dorothy Gale should have never left Oz. Maybe then she wouldn't have been swept up by the Evil Queen's Curse, reduced back to the restless farmgirl waiting for the next ride out of town.

Percy Jackson & the Heroes of Olympus

Elena Johnson & the Heroes of Olympus: It's a complicated story about a complicated world. But in all simplicity, it's really just about family and sarcasm, magic and pets, nightmares and paintings, and—of course—the rise of Kronos.

List of Titles in the Series: The Rise of Kronos (1), The Battle of Olympus (2), The Runaway Demigod (3), The Lost Heroes (4), The Children of Rome (5), etc.


Stuck in the Middle: Three siblings, two hunting journals, one AWOl father, some old friends, and a '67 Chevy Impala—yeah, this should be loads of fun.

The Vampire Diaries

Reborn: "Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form." With senior year beginning, Kennedy Steele thought she had her life on track. The year was starting strong, and she was determined for it to end strong as well. Until the Salvatore brothers came to town.


Allison or Ashtyn. She / Her / Hers. Twenty-Three. Senior at University, studying Classics. INFJ / ESTP. Bisexual AF.

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