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Konnichiwa mina-san!!!


Watashi wa Mishieru desu.

Yurushiku onegai shimasu!

...I could tell I am foolish girl who always believe on true love...

...I always wanted that someday when I woke up from the eternal sleep my dreams will come true... and I believe through writing stories my dreams would come true because I could imagine the world I wanted to live...the events I wanted to happen and the person I wanted to meet.

anyways...I also draw...and behind my drawings has it's own stories...

I also believe that:

"Kabuo wa netemate" - Everything Comes to those who wait... wait when will I publish my stories...
* "Saiou ga uma" - Future is unpredictable and changeable ... I might not publish my stories at the exact date... or ... their might some changes concerning about it depends on some events.

...and LOVE is the most powerful thing we have than magic... . . .. ... some of my stories are about love...

BTW, I don't make stories in this account because I actually only use it to review to other stories. If you wonder why I made another account, let's just say it's really complicated. I'm in a pinch right now and somewhat keeping a distance. What I just mentioned is really weird and not understandable but...forget it...

... Please read August Rose too!...

...I'll give you a little hint about August Rose...


-A marriage to unite was put to an end.

-A magical Rose that connects the past to their present.

-A love disrupt by war.

-Will their love story end happily? Or will they part ways forever?

...Hope you like it even though it's a bit cheesy...'cuz it involves LOVE...yet surely when you'll read it you'll be amaze...hehehe...hope so!

... by the way... I wasn't the only one who planned it was also came from the creative mind of my classmate Haasheru since we were both fans of the anime Prince of Tennis...Ryoma and Sakuno...

BTW, August Rose will be publish using a different account. Both me and Haasheru owns the account.

I also made stories before and it's in my different account...If you might ask...I made another account for some reasons...

It's been what? A year since I open this account and almost 2 years to my other account. ( I only owned 2 accounts). I am really busy since I'm already a 3rd year high school student so no time imagining, creating and publishing stories. I miss fanfiction already!!! huhuhuhu!!!

Weh!!! I'm really sorry to those who are looking forward for my stories because I am really busy right now. School works drain my energy and time in making stories... If I have free time I'll really going to publish a story... So please bear with me...

To those who pm me...I'm really sorry I wasn't able to read your messages and no time to reply. Maybe if I have a free time I could answer all your questions. Just be patient

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