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Thank you for everything!

I stopped using FF a long time ago, and it's really great to finally be clear of all of these old stories. There were good ones and bad ones, but I've evolved a lot as a writer and the views reflected in these stories, as well as the overall style and aesthetic, no longer are things that I'd like to associate with or present myself as supporting. It feels really good to finally disconnect from this account. I'm continuing my work on AO3, but I'm not sharing my current penname, since I no longer want to be associated At All with 96thPerson.

To everyone I met between 2010 and 2015, especially in the Elsword fandom, thank you for encouraging me and writing with me! I hope if you ever see this, you're in a good place right now and are pursuing your dreams to the fullest! And to everyone else, I hope your fandoms treat you right and you find all the good fic you're looking for (although, between here and AO3, there's no shortage of amazing writers!)

It was a good run. I enjoyed it dearly. Cringed a lot too lol But it was fundamental to my growth as a writer and a person and I'll never regret any of that.

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