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hello my username is smileyface759,

but u can call me Melinda, mel or linda...

honest to god carnivour (sorry 2 the vegetarians... being honest) , i love 2 read, and always fantasised (is that how u spell it- where's microsoft word when u need it!)

about writing books-- well not the righting part but the aftermath - having a shinny hard cover book with ur naame on the bottom - any it actually is good + liked

my BFFS r... zee, hibz, yazzy, ilz (MJ & JJ obsessed but in a gud way fan), etc if i forgot to mention any1 im sorry

my fave foods are... hmmm... hot salty chips/ fish n ships, chicken- anyway, kebab *drewl, cookies and cream icecream, and i have to mention thai food- they r yum and healthy

im hoping to study businesslaw/law, drama, LOTE [( well i hav a greater interest in italian, but im not even italian) and cussinng in lote is not counted,

ancient history and maybe even to learn to swim PROPERLY

i want to travel the world- get my liecense when i turn 16- get a car of my own- live life to the...well i dont want to say extreme- because that scares me alittle...

--this profile needs work... any suggestions? help?

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