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Other Places to Find Me:

AO3- Same username and same stories.

Tumblr @Xejisss. If you want to send an ask or chat then I'll respond pretty quick (I'm terrible at responding on the PM system here). I also post updates on my stories there, things like word counts, and maybe some complaints or even extra content.

My Stories:

I update when I can, but not going to lie I tend to have unforeseen hiatuses for several weeks to months at a time due to life issues and priorities.

If it is published and marked as incomplete then I will eventually get back to it to update/finish it. Even if it hasn't been updated in years. I will get to it.

If it is marked as complete that means I'm done with it, even if the story itself seems incomplete. (Please don't ask for updates on those, I didn't make that decision lightly, and hounding me won't make me continue writing. It'll only make me want to yank it from the site.)

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