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Hi there! I'm just now updating my profile after disappearing for a while, aha. I guess I'll go ahead a post some stuff about me to fill up this empty space.

Art accounts: To be updated soon

All my Characters: To be updated soon

About Me

I'm currently a college student, soon to be a transfer student. This will hopefully happen next year actually.

This explains why I haven't been exactly...active here in the past few years. I'm working towards an A.A degree in Fine Arts, but I soon want a B.A degree in Illustration or Graphic Design. Please wish me luck!

Hobbies and Stuff

I loooove to draw (if you couldn't tell from what I'm studying on college, haha). I draw almost anything, but what got me start from when I was 9 years old was being in the Sonic fandom when I started drawing scenes from the Sonic X anime of all things. Eventually I started making FCs and my drawing habits pretty much grew from there.

I don't draw Sonic art as much as I used to, but I come back to to it ever now and then.

• I don't write fanfics or anything, but I used to roleplay a lot here actually. I recently opened up a new Sonic forum, and I may make others if I have the time. So if you're a Sonic fan, check out my forum below!

The Sonic Metropolis: https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/The-Sonic-Metropolis/202844/

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