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Name: Yasu

Nickname: Yasu-chan, Hime-sama, Ya-chan and Onee-san

Hello there! My name is Jessica but most just call me Yasu. In fact I rather like that name a lot better then my original name so please address me as such. Anyways, I guess right here I should write a little about myself. I'm twenty-one years old and getting older. I work with a small town Newspaper and a restaurant on the weekends. I've written a total of 8 novels and have started working on my 9th. Now I don't want to focus just on things about me or seem like I'm flaunting at all. I love writing anything and everything. I feel that writing is a great way to express myself when my words don't reach.

Now I've finally finished school! I'm so excited because I can now finally move on with my life and do something that i absolutely love. For those who may want to know what I majored in, well... I double majored. I just finished the last of my language classes (Japanese) and I got my Associates Degree in Teaching and Writing. Now I know sometimes my writing doesn't come off as great but when it comes to Fanfiction I don't think I put my all into it as much as I should and want. One reason being that a lot of people would rather a good and easy read then what I'm used to writing which has a lot of details and complex story lines.

I'm a huge movie buff. Seriously. I've gone to about every new movie that comes out in every year. Not to mention my DVD collection is now literally a whole wall. Literally. Hahaha Anyways, if there is ever a fanfiction that you would be interested in reading or would like me to create for you then please don't hesitate to send me a message here and there. I take commissions for anything. Though I do warn you, I write chapter by chapter and sometimes it takes awhile for me to get the next chapter out.

But please don't hesitate to still ask!!

I always love comments so if you tend to read my stories comments are welcomed!!!!

I generally like to write Fanfiction with these subjects though (but I'm welcome to new ones):

Criminal Minds






Super Junior


New Moon

Wolf's Rain

Fruits Basket

Full Metal Alchemist



Paradise Kiss


Death Note

Final Fantasy 7


Final Fantasy Unlimited

Eureka Seven

Magic Knight Rayearth

Vampire Hunter D



Samurai 7

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Fushigi Yuugi

Devil May Cry

Crisis Core

Dirge of Cerberus

Final Fantasy Games


07 Ghost

Vampire Knight

Prince of Tennis


Shaman King

DN Angel

Black Blood Brothers

Gakuen Heaven

Kyou Kara Mou

Black Cat

La Corda D'Oro

Get Backers

Skip Beat

Trinity Blood


Avatar: The Last Airbender





Pet Shop of Horrors

Code Geass



Samurai Champloo

Gundam Seed





Kuroshitsuji: The Black Butler

Yu Yu Hakusho




Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit


The Covenant

Pirates of the Caribbean

Chronicles of Narnia

And many more...

Here are some of my works in progress:

Title: Desires of the Heart

From: The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Characters: Thranduil x OC

Rating: M

Warnings: Romance, Drama, Angst, and Sexual Encounters (within guidelines)

Synopsis: Never before had he seen a beauty such as her, a mere human mortal having taken residence inside the halls of Imladris. Can the icy nature of the High King be thawed or will the bitter cold keep loving warmth from entering? Read the journey of Anolindë and Thranduil as they fall in love and feel the pressure of not only the family of Rivendell but the Woodland Realm.


Reaching her safe haven, she sat to read when a noise brought her out of her thoughts. Taking a glance down towards the steps leading out towards the boarder lands, a group of riders approached, all dressed in colors of the earth. Banners were held high and in front an elven man rode a large elk towards the entrance. From the distance she was at, Anolindë could not see his face but he seemed very important to have traveled with so many in his company. For a few moments longer she watched as her father's figure strode from the halls and towards the elven man up front, who gave a traditional elvish greeting. Elrond responded before he lead the stranger up the steps. Behind them a young elf followed as well as the trickster twins.

((This story is a work in progress and any who read are urged to re-read both Chapter One and Two. I'm revising and editing my chapters but merely because I need to add more into the chapters. As I read over my work, I realized that a lot of what I wanted to place into the first two chapters was never introduced. Not only that but it seems a few people are having trouble with some of the information within the story line. Later on characters from The Hobbit will appear so I hope you enjoy it. Also please keep in mind that there are only two chapters for now and they are merely the introduction into the story itself. This means that not a lot of what you want will be there, such as why my main character despite being human, has an elvish name.))

Title: Unknown Human Emotions

From: Underworld

Characters: William x OC

Rating: M

Warnings: Romance, Angst, Sexual Encounters (as stated by the guidelines)

Synopsis: One night deep in the forest, Elizabeth met the monstrous Werewolf William but instead of becoming a crazed hungry underling, she was saved by Marcus. Yet why was it that as Elizabeth was taken away, William whined in sadness?

Preview: Finally the white wolf was at full height in front of her, his teeth bared, the smell of rotting flesh escaping his lips. Elizabeth's eyes went wide as she relived her short twenty year life. Towering over her she waited for death to come but was suddenly shocked as the white wolf closed his lips, his nose pressed slightly against her now freshly stained cheeks. It was cold to the touch, much like the dogs that lived in her village. Looking up at the monstrous beast, she thought she saw a glimmer of human emotion running through those eyes. Loneliness stood out the most. Her heart seemed to stop at the moment as the wolf in front of her form stared her down.

((Alright so I have eight chapters already done and I'm hoping soon to get the next one out. Thank you so much for the comments that have been coming in for this story I have to say that this was the most fun to write and I know a lot of you out there have enjoyed it too. Now I know a few have asked if I'm going to tie in the movies at some point and let's just say, in a way I will but in a way I'm changing the outcome of the movies... slightly! But I do still hope you enjoy this story okay?))

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