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Hakuai-animelover135 PM
Joined Jan '10

Origins: Indonesia

Blood type: B

Zodiac: Aries but more into Pisces

year Of: Dog

my personal trait:

my friend said i'm- nice, hardworking, diligent, shy

and i think my friend are right but its more than that i'm-

secretive, honest and sympathetic

love peace and serenity


not easily angered sometimes

appreciate and return kindness

love music


warm hearted

help other


i like person who is kind, like funny stuff

i hate gossip, liar, ppl who treat other not the same, easily changed mood,

i like to go extra mile

inside me is: sensitive

friend: kind and focus.

i'm right brain

i'm can be serious

i like to write than talking if explain sth


I want to learn Photoshop and making video

I want to learn make wonderful and amazing story that everyone can enjoy including poem

I want to play pop song in piano like taylor swift, justin beber, etc

I want to learn to draw Manga

I want to have always Idea to make story or to connect the idea i have in mind

I want to have wide vocab

I want to learn Japan and italian language

MY TYPe of music: hip pop, classic, rock and something that meaningful

my fav book: adventure,romance and classic sometimes

my fav animal. rabbit,dog,hamster,cat

my youtube: mg137b. So far Only Red Cliff movie.

MY first story is heart beat. for ur info is in Indonesia language, My second story is twisted Love extra Story for Heart beat and is in Bahasa Indonesia. My third story is Something I will never forget in English languange.

Fav quote:

Never give up until u try!

Face the past without regret
Face the present with hapiness
Face the future without fear

...Ruin is a gift
Ruin is the road to transformation

Don't think sth that never happen

Look back and thank God
Look forward and trust God
Look around and serve God
Look within and find God

Everything in life is not always what it seems

Never give up until u try!
Face the past without regret
Face the present with happiness
Face the future without fear

STUPID= Smart, Talented, Unique, Person in Demand

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