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I love a good story... but I hate idiots who sacrifice spelling and grammar for it and do NOTHING when they're called repeatedly on it. I do LIKE writers who try take my challenge (harsh though it can be) and show improvement.

I hate overblown writers - most especially overblown fan fiction writers who think they are "all that" - who have inflated egos who arrogantly give out unkind advice without a damn good reason behind it but to flame away like a mental deficient who gets off by being a bully and all around jackass - but can't take it when the heat is on them... and don't admit their mistakes even when it's plain as day.

I also absolutely detest overblown reviewers who don't know the meaning of a constructive crit vs a rant. If you don't like a story, why read and review for the sole purpose of trolling? You'll look like a retard's retard who's a glutton for punishment for reading a story they don't even like unless you're looking for a fight.

A few other things: I don't like SLASH. While I don't get on a soapbox and rag on people on their life choices, I personally don't give a fuck if they are part of the LGBT community or not. People are people, let them be who they want to be. It's just MY personal choice NOT to read any of that. I rarely read genderbend stories in which the male characters become female, as in almost never. The plot may be good, but I can never put it into my mind that the canon character is now female. Harry Potter being the prime example. That's almost basically going into SI territory as nothing will convince me that a femHarry is "still" Harry, but having a different name. FemShep ala Mass Effect is okay, because it's been canon established in the game that the character CAN either be male or female depending on the player's choices - ie, you are literally creating a character from scratch in-game and giving him/her life with your choices.

But let me get on ONE thing about slash stories though (especially slash of the male on male variety):

I ESPECIALLY hate, HATE slash stories that have the male character become gay because they were abused/damaged both mentally and physically. I mean, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL? I see some stories where the main character became gay due to the abuse on them by (more often than not) MALE abusers! The fuck? That's becoming more like Stockholm's syndrome than outright turning gay. Who the fuck made it an unseen requirement for slash stories that the main characters of said slash stories are abused/damaged/mentally scarred? That's basically over 90% of how MOST of FF(dot)net's SLASH stories run. That's pretty much stating right there that those kinds of people ARE damaged in real life! I'm straight as can be and don't even like those kinds of stories, and yet even I can see that's one fucked up very stupid cliche.

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