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Marie Twinchester PM
Joined Jan '10

I highly doubt anyone is going to read this...but

I am a civil engineering student

I love lacrosse, as you can see from my avatar

My favorite number is 27, because its 3 to the 3rd, yes I'm a nerd like that

The name twinchester comes from my best friend and I, we are like twins, and we love the Winchesters

I love Supernatural!!

My favorite are teenchesters. I love little Sammy and little Dean!

I read Supernatural, NCIS, Harry Potter, and some Highlander(but only the ones with Richie)

Reading fanfic is my way of avoiding homework, which is what I'm doing right now.

All the homework that goes along with civil engineering really sucks!

I'm not watching supernatural right now because my friend is at debate and I promised to watch it with her. ger

I also love NCIS, if Gib's was 30 years younger I would totally go for him.

I love Burn Notice, Micheal Weston is AMAZING

I hate sitting on my bed writing this, but my dorm room is to cramped for a real desk.

Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility are two of the greatest books ever. along with Jane Eyre

I get irritated when authors don't finish their stories...Why get people hooked when you don't plan on finishing?

Anyway. Enjoy my profile, especially my avatar, it took me a long time

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