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Tatsu-ZZmage PM
Joined May '02

Name = Zach

Born = 1984

Hobbies = Computers(building, fixing, upgrading for money), anime, and any thing that keep my attention for more then half and hour

Reason for account = Reviewing only. i have no talent writing, but can pull ideas out of thin air need a muse e-mail me

Animes of choice EVA, Robotech, Ranma Shows of choice Stargate, Star Trek (All), Buffy, Dungeon Keeper.
Ideas i have and would love to see picked up Robotech/Stargate since i haven't seen one yet
Robotech/farscape, Megaman x,zero/Bubblegum Crisis(any version)

also check this out this is a story i just die laughing over


Small Rant

Something i really hate about removal of stories systems is sure they can delete the story in such a way that it almost seems like it was never there but i really wish they would leave a page that if you had a link to the story that would tell you WHY it was deleted did the author delete his stories? did find the story offensive or was it plagiarism you'll never know, i know that at least 2 or 3 hundred stories i've read on the site have disappeared and i have no way of knowing why it happened or who the author even was.

end rant

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