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Fruityloops87 PM
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Your sweet. But if brain eating zombies were chasing us I would trip you.

Good Morning Starshine, the Earth says Hello.

Oh how I love the many quotes that get stuck in my head .

Anyways. Hello to all the scatter brained people in the fandom of many things. I would like to introduce myself. I go by fruityloops by many of my friends..You can just imagine why. LOL.

I am a person of many quirks that is for sure. I guess that is why many people like me. Ha doesn't that sound conceited. Well I hope you at least have been left with a laugh and some mystery.

Well...Did you?

Your probably thinking did I what?

Did you laugh?

You know your smiling.



Well like a great person once said to me.. Peace Love and Chicken grease and everything in between!

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