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Kay... guess I should say something about myself here. I'll try to do this as efficiently as possible.

Gender: F

Religion: Christian


Fantasy/Scifi/Supernatural - it's true. I'm a nerd... geek... whatever...

Reading - obviously, or I wouldn't be here. Same as just about every other person on this site, I'm sure.

Baby animals - ...what? They're cute! Well, really they don't have to be babies. I like just about any animal... unless they're dead... then they're just creepy. Except dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are still cool.

Comedy - who doesn't like to laugh?

Internet - yeah, I'm a junkie. I spend nearly every waking moment on my computer. Shame on me for being a lazy worthless bum.


Heat - seriously, it makes me cranky. I'm not always a nice person to be around in the summer.

Vegetables - Childish? Yes. Does it make a difference? Nope.

Watching Sports - almost as interesting as watching grass grow, IMHO.

~ Keep in mind that the above is not a comprehensive list, but whatever happened to pop into my head on the spot. If you want to get to know me better, become my friend. I'd love to make some new friends! :) I promise I'm not as weird as I sound... ok, maybe I am. But I'm also generally a very shy and quiet person, so most of the insanity stays safely tucked away in my own head.

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