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I'm an occasional watcher of British Telefantasy (mostly the older stuff). My favourite shows (at time of writing) are: Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Doomwatch, Edge of Darkness (BBC version, not the movie), Moondial, The Tomorrow People (original ITV series, not the US remake), Timeslip (UK show of that name), Children of the Stones, The Avengers (60s British spy series), The Prisoner (original), The IPCRES File, The Omega Factor (80s series by BBC Scotland), Sapphire and Steel (I wrote one of the early fan pages for this series), Day of the Triffids (80s BBC adaptaption) and Project: ICARUS. A keen observer will notice that many of these are exceptionally dark series with heavy gothic overtones. Although not telefantasy, I was also an avid watcher of The Adventure Game, Now Get Out Of That..., The Great Egg Race and The Crystal Maze.

I'm also an occasional watcher of telefantasy-styled cartoons and other forms of animation. I would put "Kim Possible", "Johnny Test", "Phineas and Ferb" and "The New Adventures of Johnny Quest" in this category. (The original Johnny Quest cartoons had a much greater magical component that seemed to be used as a get-out for when the writer ran out of ideas.) It is debatable as to whether The Wombles would be considered, though Wallace and Gromit certainly are. I'm also not sure where you'd put Ludwig (a cartoon about a mechanical egg).

Other cartoons I like are generally science fantasy that step outside the "pure" telefantasy label, such as the X-Men Animated Series. However, I dislike intensely cartoons where the writers aim for Deus Ex Machina.

I'm an occasional fanfic author. I've several fanfics posted here to date, though I may bring over an old Sapphire & Steel/X-Files crossover that I never finished but might get back to. In order to be fair, though, I'd want to feel confident that I'd continue it.

I was one of the co-founders of Druinne Weyr (an Anne McCaffery/Pern appreciation society) for which I wrote. I also hosted their game server for a bit.

For a while, I maintained "The Other Kim Possible Diary" on a Kim Possible shipping website. It was... well... Imagine Kim with Ron's intelligence. It got interesting and very, very silly. I'll see what I can admit to that I published there.

Occasional filk author. Occasional scriptwriter (never said anything about being accepted anywhere). Occasional geek, nerd, freak and/or weirdo. Rank of "Elite" Ian Bell/David Braben's classic and the Oolite clone.

Of the stories I've written, almost all are crossovers. For whatever reason, the stories just form that way. They feel right. It's hard to describe because I'm not a terribly "conscious" writer - I tend to let the muse wander as it will, then clean the story afterwards according to feedback or my own observations. The exception to this was my Sapphire & Steel/Tomorrow People crossover, which was initially written for the TPFICT mailing list as an effort to explain a continuity error in The Tomorrow People (due to props being water-damaged through poor storage, the set was completely rebuilt - but was built to a totally new design) and unexplored aspects of Sapphire & Steel. This is heading (ok, ambling vaguely) in the direction of unifying the two universes. At present, I'm excluding any extensions to the respective universes from the audio adventures from Big Finish for each series, sticking purely to the original videos.

One of the drawbacks of writing via the muse is that it's impossible to schedule. My subconscious does not believe in timetables. The other drawback is that I've no idea where the story is going. Most writing classes talk of there being a number of "standard themes", of "protagonists vs. antagonists", etc. If my stories have any of these, it's not my doing, I deny all knowledge, and honestly I probably am one of the last to ever find out. It can require a lot of rewriting to make the style smooth enough to be readable, so critiques and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. On the other hand, it means there's an almost organic feel to it (to quote Kerr Avon from Blake's 7) and I like that in a story.

I helped out with a fanfic panel for the Kim Possible Kimvention 2012, which sadly got cancelled (although fortunately replaced by a pub get together with the show's creators).

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