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Wow, haven't been renewing my profile since the last ten months. :P

Well I have been enjoying the last two years of being on here officially, however, before I discovered the joys of email, I've been lurking for a good four years.

( Man, has been through quite a change. c_c )

Well, updates will probably start taking change. It's been a long while... *wince*

And uhh, sorry for my bad stories. Honestly, I had this account at the age of 14. :P So yeah I goofed off quite a bit. But... can't say I've changed! :d Lol.

Anyways, Mixed Match shall be revised, HOLY SH-TUFFINGS! I have to work on my stories. n_n

Thanks for the reviews, favs, alerts, and many thanks to all whom just well, read -- :)

wafarasu - my alt LJ

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