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Hey all! It's Starri!

Blog (keep up with updates, upcomings, ect.!)

If you would like news on my status, updates, or information about my stories, then keep up with Starri Studios, my FFN tumblr. You can also message me about miscellaneous things on there from questions to comments or follow if you have your own tumblr. You might even see pictures, who knows.

Name: Starran (Starri, Ivy, or Lynn.)
Birthday: September 3rd
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, gaming, baking, baseball (sometimes), ect.
Notable Fandoms: Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney, Legend of Zelda, Homestuck, Persona, Kuroko no Basque, ect. (there's a lot more but I can't remember)
Current: Guys, it happened. I got into Hetalia. (And no, it is not completely filled with weeaboos. I'm serious. Most of the fandom is actually pretty decent. But HELL is this good.)
Main Genre: Comedy (Also favorite genre, can never get enough comedy)
Timezone: EST


(1/26/13) New poll! So if you're wondering about it: Amotodan might just become a rough draft to a new fic! It is my very first popular fic and I'm proud of that! However, I want to give you guys something better, because right now, it's really out of control with where it's going. If you would like, you can PM me and ask for what I had planned out for the ending. However, I'm not entirely sure of what I would say because I have several different ideas for the ending, which all branch off of my original plan. The three fics in the poll will all be caused by the development and learning that happened to me while I was writing Amotodan, so I like to think of Amotodan as my rough draft! I also want to show readers just how much somebody can develop, and that just because one thing doesn't do well, doesn't mean that you're a failure! I've had several really bad fanfictions before this, but I don't think I could have gotten this far without them!

But! I do want to experiment with other fandoms as well. So, I've opened up my Inbox and my Tumblr Inbox (see the Blog section above) to you guys giving me Requests! They're kind of like kink meme or prompts! I'll be accepting multiple fandoms, so just try me! I do have an extensive list of my OTPs below as well, the closer you are to things I like the better I'll do! But be creative with your prompts! I don't like vague or too-open prompts! They must be for oneshots only!

(1/20/13) I'M NOT DEAD I'M NOT DEAD I'M NOT DEAD I SWEAR. Mostly school and my inability to keep focus on one thing (especially when I'm obsessed with fandoms) but I'M NOT DEAD. Both Hot Vanilla and Amotodan are coming along SLOOOOWWLY if you're still with me here. UNSURE WHICH TO UPDATE FIRST BUT PROBABLY AMOTODAN SO I CAN ADVERTISE HOT VANILLA.

(12 to the 3rd power) GUYS MY DAD FOUND MY FFN ACCOUNT I MADE HIM SWEAR NOT TO LOOK ANY FURTHER BUT I'M NOT SURE OH NO. Anyways, updated To-Do Section! Also reset the Reccommendation section, since my KH phase is over (it actually ended around early November so that was like two whole months whoa). Anyways, back to my weird, anime/manga loving self, but also have like a haul of work to do for school which I WILL NOT FAIL I ALWAYS GET THROUGH THIS AHHHH.

(11/7/12) Published part May of Hot Vanilla Sacrifices! I swear FFn is on crack or something because I had to edit that thing like five times to get it to stop being entirely bold. The breaks still don't work but it's better than a big bold fic. Happy early Birthday, Ice Krystal! For you! Updated Upcoming and Notable Works sections.

(11/4/12) Updated Upcoming and To-Do section. Also, NaNoWriMo is this month, so I'll be focusing on that, but first a couple important things here on FFN. THEN A BUNCH OF NANOWRIMO STUFF WOW.

(10/17/12) Updated To-Do section. Trust me. Poll still up and running, please send in your votes to help with the new fic that-was-supposed-to-be-an-Amotodan-rewrite-but-fuck-I-dunno. Starting plot outline and organizing characters for U1 (Upcoming 1), about to REWRITE Q7 FOR THE THIRD TIME BECAUSE OF REASONS.

(10/16/12) Updated Upcoming section. STILL IN INTENSE PLANNING MODE. Essays make time slimmer but I'VE GOT THIS RIGHT NOW. Currently PLANNING PLANNING PLANNING PLANNING new supernatural fic (see Upcoming 1).

(9/29/12) Yo! Hey! So my drastic dive into the abyss that is the Kingdom Hearts fandom has been some kind of weird mix of really bad for progress but really awesome too! I really need to get that PS2 back. Anyways, it's made me realize that for one, man, I kind of really need to step up my game! I've learned about fanfiction, goods and bads, from analyzing many high and poor quality fanfictions.

I'm still continuing to write for the Pokemon fandom, though! I feel really homey here, and introducing myself to other fandoms musters a bunch of courage. But it'll be a little harder considering I want to be a little more mature with my work. But I'm up for it, it's fun. I've come to that point where I really need to plan a BUNCH before actually going through with stuff because winging-it is a very very very bad idea. Trust me.


Amotodan- Adapt into next draft! I will be keeping this up. Who knows, maybe even while I'm writing the next draft, I may give you a treat!

HvS- June section, yay! I'm more hopeful for this one unless I can get my AMOTODRIVE ON AND GET SOME WRITING DOWN. ADVERTISE IT BY USING AN AMOTODAN UPDATE.

Avventura!- Planning on making this into a Roleplay site, actually! I'm going to use Wetpaint for it, which I used to RP for years ago. Still under construction, but hopefully I can get some stuff done over winter break.

Notable Works

Wow damn I really have to make some quality crap soon to make up for all this stuff.


A Miscellaneous Tale of Night and Day- Four girls are kidnapped to a school for outrageously talented kids in the middle of nowhere. They don't know if the real torture is the teachers or the students. All that stands now is the universal rule of panic: wing it. MangaQuest/OldRival/Special/Frantic

-Note: I was young, I have no idea what the hell happened. What the hell happened.
-Progress: Next chapter, Chapter 25: The World Ends With Woo (REPLANNING IN PROGRESS)

And other

Hot Vanilla Sacrifices- Falkner wanted a nice job and a steady summer. He did not want insufferable coworkers, hormonal college students, Wham!, whipped bosses, blood sacrifices, Avril Lavigne, or any of this damn sexual frustration. Fatherly/Special/OldRival/MangaQuest/Airplane/more

-Warnings: Half-adults learning to deal with their hormones, girls being yuri, some spontaneous pop culture references, Organized!Falkner, crazy college classes, summer stress, Green being a Good Samaritan, birds, Mesoamerican rituals, super subtle advances, Sabrina being single, and a whole lot of caffeine.
-Romance/Humor, Fatherly (Falkner/Janine) is main, but there's a bunch of side stuff with Yellow, Crystal, Red, Sabrina, Gold, and a bunch of other characters. Pokespe and game. Mixing it up with personalities. A really stupid fourshot (4 chapters, obviously). Birthday present for Ice Krystal.
-Note: Just need to figure out if I need a Beta soon or not. Most likely so, though. Considering to wait till certain date or celebrate early.


Options- You would wonder why they won't let you talk in the games

-Note: Whack quickshot starring Ruby. Gameverse.

Question 7 and a Half- That school fic where nobody likes Blaine. MangaQuest with Special/OldRival/Frantic/Agency

-Note: Really weird oneshot inspired by Xo.Kyorii's Simple Instructions (SoKai, KH)

Then a couple of fluffshots too

Possible Ideas

See poll for possible Amotodan Next Drafts and vote!

Unnamed- Sometimes, people could be very, very stupid.

-Supernatural/Humor, some new and old ships, mostly old, rated T/PG15 (strong language, sexual innuendos, violence, some gore, a lil' cute bl, ect.), 15-20 chapters.

-Note: New PokeSpe. Very very weird PokeSpe fic. Trying to use all that I've learned to make something nice and quality. Needs a NAME. Planning to type up a couple rough-draft chapters and have em' beta'd before I release anything. Gonna go under INTENSE PLANNING with a full story outline and everything. Really, really weird, but not too weird like the other Unnamed fic below. Good for veteran Amotodan fans, I would think. More detailed summary to come but not now because I'm a criminal mastermind.

Unnamed- Details will be unveiled later because of reasons

-Supernatural/Humor, you'll see, rated T/PG15 or so (strong language, sexual innuendos, violence, buncha mythology but that's educational, slight homo, ect.) ?? chapters

-Note: Gameverse, different kind of fic. Used to be a oneshot, then a ten-chap, then an I Have No Idea What the Hell Happened. GOING UNDER IMMENSE AND INTENSE PLANNING AND SETUP.

Two To Toronto- Falkner knew he had better things to do on college summer break than to carpool four more attendees of his cousin's wedding to Canada with him. He didn't know where it went wrong. Two days, he told himself. Just two days. TWO. DAYS.

Humor/Adventure, not much of a romance but hints, T/PG15 (strong language, Sabrina talk, lots and lots of violence, road rage, do-not-do-this-at-home-ever-no things, destroying the morals of Driver's Ed, ect. ect.) 5-10 chapters

-Note: Gameverse, pure idiocy on the highway. Filled with high-voltage weapons, bromance-inducing kidnapping, angry, angry gangs, many lethal insects, and of course, burning rubber. Falkner, Sabrina, Blaine, and Bugsy star in a new comedy that might have just been ripped out of a typical Michael Bay movie. Needs a BUNCH MORE PLANNING but it's short and sweet and more possible for me to work with. A much later project, may or may not do.

Miscellaneous Others

I enjoy a wide variety of ships. If it's well-written and fits my liking, I'll enjoy it. Like my OTP is KiKuro but I also love basically anyone with Kuroko as well as the occasional Kise/Kasamatsu. I'm a fan of both hetro and shounen-ai, so that flip-flops occasionally, such as I ship both Special and Original, as well as both Commoner/Haughty at times, but also Absurdist (Diamond/Pearl). Also, sometimes the ship will depend on the author, like I support PruCan and AusHun, but if it's someone as wonderful as George deValier, I will be more than happy to try out FrCan or AusPru. I also reaaaally seem to enjoy genderbend ships, especially with yaois, like Fem!Germany/Italy is one of my super OTPs but I can never find anything good with it, hnn. But I love shipping, it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside.

Below is a the great ship list (minus my closet ships, of course).

Game: Original, SoulSilver, Hunter, Frantic, FerrisWheel, Sequel, Airplane, Fatherly, and a mountain of closet ships that burst from creating fanfiction but those are a secret shh.
Manga: Special, OldRival, MangaQuest, Frantic, Agency, Absurdist, Commoner, Haughty (a bit), ect.

Legend of Zelda
Zelink, Shiek/Link, buncha fanfic ships (mainly from The Return (see below)

Kingdom Hearts
Soriku, AkuRoku, Zemyx, Cleon, Sokai, Namixas, Rion, Xinitas (it's a long story), a bit of Malarxene and Seiner at times, Sweet!Sora/Everyone, ect.

Ace Attorney
Pheonix/Maya or Phoenix/Edgeworth, Apollo/Vera or Phoenix/Klavier, Gumshoe/Maggey, a little crack with Pearl/Cody, ect.

Persona Series
NaoKan, SoujiRise, ChieYouske, MinakoAki, MinakoShinji, MinatoAki, ect.

Kuroko no Basque

KiseKuro, AoKuro, ShinTaka, a lot of genderbent ships (Aomine/Fem!Kuroko, Fem!Shintarou/Takao, Fem!Aomine/Kagami, ect.), GoM/Kuroko, Everyone/Kuroko, ALL OF THEM. ALL OF THE SHIPS.


GerIta, Spamano, USUK, USRus, Kimchi Burgers (USKor), PruCan, FACE Family situations (AKA the usual time I will ship FrUK (mostly siding with PruCan and USRus), SuFin, DenNor, GiriPan, AusHun (occasional AusPru, maybe), Fem!Germany/Italy (and vice versa, which I see a lot more of, but mostly Fem!Germany), occasional Fem!Romano/Spain and Fem!Prussia/Canada too. but a LOT OF SHIPS OKAY. IT'S SO HARD TO CHOOSE. (Starred ultra-faves)

Johnlock (Sherlock), Steve/Tony (Avengers), Stiles/Derek? (Teen Wolf, I don't even know anything about the show I just found this thing on Ao3 and was like man this is good??? I think??)
DaveJohn, DirkJake, JohnEveryone, MindfangDualscar, NepEquius, ect. ect. (Homestuck)
Buncha others that I can't remember right now.


Reccommendation updates coming soon.

More to come soon

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