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Hello there. I'm Amara. Okay, that's not my real name, but I sure wish it was. It's an awesome name. (Or at least I think so.)

My profile picture is all of the RENT characters made with the sims. Too bad you can't see it all that well. =(

Yeah, so, I'm a new member, but I've been reading this stuff unregestered for a while. Mostly RENT and Wicked and sometimes Lemony Snicket (though I throughly hated the ending), DragonFable or The Sims (Pleasentview Characters), though I will read other stuff sometimes. Presumably I'll write the same stuff.

I wrote this really silly story with my sister, Winnie, called La Vie Facebook. It was really fun to write. We want to continue it, but aren't sure weather to just have them do random stuff with no plot, come up with an original plot, or use what happened before RENT. So that one could be a while.

I get a bunch of ideas, but about 90/100 of them are really, really stupid when I really think about them. Okay, maybe closer to 100/100, but I'd like to think not.

Quotes I REALLY Want to Put In Stories but Have No Idea Where They Would Fit

"Yeah, they wouldn't let Angel into the girl's choir (or some other girls-only organization). Something about having the wrong set of chromosomes."

"I hate knowing in the back of my mind that he's never, ever going to show up at a dance with a sign that says 'I love you' on it."

"...I mean, you hear about these things but you never imagine them happening to you." "Yeah, (something perfectly normal)..." "Not that part!"

"I love you. No hetero!"

Ships I Like

RENT: Roger/Mimi, Collins/Angel, Mark/OC, Sometimes Mark/Maureen, Maureen/Joanne

Wicked: Fiyero/Elphaba, Sometimes Fiyero/G(a)linda, Boq/Nessarose, Fiyero/Nessarose (Weird but I think it kind of works), G(a)linda/OC

ASoUE: Quigly/Violet, Klaus/Isadora, Duncan/Violet (Not when Duncan and Quigly are fighting over Violet), Duncan/Fiona

The Sims: Too many to list. My favorites are Dustin/Angela and Alexander/Lucy.

DragonFable: Artix/Vayle, Rolith/Robina, Warlic/Jaania, Cysero/Valencia, Twilly/Twig, Ash/Aria

Ships I Don't Like

Nearly Anything That Sounds Like Two Names Drawn Out Of A Hat

Anything Involving Incest

Nearly Anyone Taken/OC

RENT: Angel/Mimi, Benny/Maureen, Benny/Mimi, Mark/Angel, Mark/Roger (I'm not a homophobe, I swear. I mostly hate this because usually Mimi either dies or gets dumped, and I dont' like that.), Mark/Mimi

Wicked: G(a)linda/Elphaba, G(a)linda/Boq (No clue why I hate this so much. I just do.)

ASoUE: Klaus/Fiona, Klaus/Duncan, Klaus/Quigly, Anyone/Baby Sunny

The Sims: Cassandra/Don, Daniel/Mary-Sue (Yes, that is her actual name. Haha.)

DragonFable: Artix/OC, Artix/Robina, Xan/Jaania, Warlic/Cysero

Ummmm... Not sure what else to put here. More to come later.

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