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You have reached the automated answering service of Lmao.

In order to assist you to the right staff member, please listen to all options before making your selection.

To complain about tardiness with updates, press 1.

To interfere with the staffs daily life by pointing out mistakes, such as spelling or punctuation errors, press 2.

To complain about how you didn't get update information that was posted on the profile page, and in two other author notes, press 3.

If you would like to get anger out on the staff by using physical abuse, press 4.

To request that certain stories should be discontinued just because you want a certain update for a different story, press 5.

If you are here to leave a prank call, press 'End Call.'

To complain about plot line errors, press 6.

To request that we stop writing our stories for the fifth time this week, press 7.

If you want to bear my children, press 8.

To make excuses as to why you decided to leave me emails instead of reviews (specifically to my stories only) even though I have posted on my profile page on multiple occasions not to, press 9.

If you realize that this is the real world and that, no matter how hard anyone tries, we can not be perfect in our writing then press 0.

Once you are finished making your selection, please wait for your operator to connect you to the correct hotline.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

ring... ring... ring... RING...

Hello? Did my operator connect you to me? Oh, the phone interview... I forgot... here, Let me get ready, and then we can... carry on... SHIT! No, it's not a bad time, I just hit my foot and the dresser...

Okay I'm ready. Just a few simple questions about me? ...Sure, that would work.

My age? Well, I'm not really old enough, truthfully, for someone who should be writing M rated stories on FanFiction. I'm fourteen. Yes, I know, it's young. WHAT!? No, I'm sure it's not illegal for me to be writing my stories. Most of them probably should be rated T, anyway. We're moving on? Sure, okay.

Why do I write? My goodness, that's a hard question. Very tricky. I would say that I write for all the Fans on FanFiction. They keep my motivation up, and they make sure I don't fall behind. I love my fans, such loyal people. No, I don't have a lot of fans yet, but a friend of mine keeps telling me to keep trying. "Eventually you'll be discovered! You're not a nobody!" Those words were by terra hotaru. Yes, I would consider Terra my friend... Oh WHAT!?!?! That's sick! why would you ask that? oh god... the nightmares that will bring me...

About my stories? Ugh... what about em? Okay, so why do I write the stories that... I well write?

Being a Kingdom Hearts fan, I found out that I could easily write a Kingdom Hearts story. I wanted my story to be long, or at least have a long first chapter, and I typed up everything, but soon enough my computer crashed and, being the girl who never saves, I lost that story. I tried again but this time I made better, more thought threw characters and SAVED. The story was uploaded, and then deleted a short amount of time later =D. Later I decided to write an FMA story... Don't cross the Boarder Line. That story is about a homuculus that was made by father. She has a couple of friends alongside her, them being Grudge, Gang, Ligament and Cat. (Cat being the only human...) Her only problem is that father stuck her behind a special line that Envy, the last survivor of the original homuculus, guards. There is much more of a story plot to that, but you've got to read to find out.

And just because you looked into my channel I'm going to give you a sneak peak into a new story that I started writing. It has no name yet, (7/7/10 update: it's called 'The List') But I really think people are going to like this one if I go on with it and finish it, for gods sake. It's about the Grim Reapers' son who was the dysfunctional out of the three he had. Grim Reapers are only born with four things, a heart, a soul, a skeletal frame, and the ability to take others souls. But this one Grim Reaper has only half of a heart. this little dysfunction makes half of his body a Grim Reaper frame and the other half the frame of a Nobody due to the lack of a heart for that side of the body. This Nobody half takes the looks of the closest Nobody around him with a human structure. The body he has makes him the bottom of the bunch, the less important. His father pays little attention to him but does teach him one thing. If you want power, then you got to take it. And he had a plan that will get his body to normal and all the power he needs. But it involves the organization...

Another story I'm writting is called "A dragon at Heart." It's a maplestory story about a boy named Dragon who goes an an adventure. (I really don't feel like typing right now, so just go read it...)

Uh.. that's really all I can think of for that...

That's all you wanted to know? Really? You finished quickly. Yea, yea, maybe we can do another interview sometime. M-hm, I've still got your card. thanks. Okay. See you later maybe.

Did you like that better? Some people have been saying that the beginning to my profile was... bad. I asked for some suggestions, and I thought An interview style was the best. That person even went into detail about what she wanted it to be like. Make it obvious what the questions were, make it over the phone, and all that jazz. She even suggested putting my guidelines (telling people what not to do) as the automated voice thing :P I think it turned out great. Thanks Jane-sy-kinz, you're the BEST :D.

If anyone has an idea for a story and they don't feel like typing it up themselves, I'd be glad to take it off their hands. I don't get inspiration easily, so, it's always welcome here :P I love you all, please read my stories, blah, blah, blah...

I got a question, and I'M GOING TO ANSWER IT :O

Who's your favorite character, out of all the games you've ever played?

Let me just say that I hate that question, mostly because I can't really say. I don't play a lot of console based games... well, I don't know. The only reason I actually got into games is because I saw a cutscene of kingdom hearts II on the internet. I saw that part when you meet Demyx in the underworld and start to fight him, and stuff. Well, anyway, that made me interested. So you can blame Demyx for me even writing about kingdom hearts/games in the beginning. So he wins XD.

So, that's all for now. Can't write anymore, to tiered. Thanks to all you reviewers and stuff.


Well, HELLO THERE! I've missed you. I know I haven't been updating in a while, and you are all cracking watermelons over my head for it :P. Sorry guys, I haven't been exactly 'free' much lately, so you're going to have to wait for the updates you want. The first story I plan to finish is The List, because it's awesome. Inbetween I'm planning ANOTHER story *avoids bullets- one gets right shoulder* AGH! holly $!%, you diwck heads! That hurt! Agh... my god... *pulls bullet out* you see what you guys put me through? *bandages up shoulder tightly and sighs* that should hold. How can I update if you're constantly shooting me...? ...So, about the new story I'm going to upload... It has no title... (update 9/1/10 it's called a Dragon at Heart.) I don't know if I'll finish that one... not so into it as I am the others, but I want to get at least halfway through. That would be good. The next one I want to finish is Don't Cross that boarder Line, but that will be hard because I've really lost track as to where I was going with that story. I know I had a good end in mind, but I never planned the beginning/middle, which is never smart. Sometimes I type the end of my stories first so that I know what has to lead up to the end, but I found that that's never a smart thing, because once you have THAT down, you've lost inspiration to type your story. Because your inspiration was the END! And, last but not least, Escape will be finished :D. And so, yeah. Don't worry about my other two stories, Swift the knight and whatever else there was. I discontinued them. yay... (Now they're deleted! YES!)

Well, I think that's all for now. And remember, Pulling inspiration outta my butt is a little bit harder than just having you guys leave a comment. You know, Don't cross that boarder line had gotten over 350 hits a few months back. Now why is it that I only got, like, seven comments or whatever? hm? you tell me DX

UPDATE!! 7/26/10

Well, you know what I've decided to do? No, not quiting Fanfiction, never writing again, dropping out of school and then living on the side of the streets! I've decided that I'm going to do something of such sheer awesomeness, that for those with weak minds, I recommend you look away. I've decided to... *drum roll - dramatic pause*... actually finish a story before I upload the first chapter.


Who saw that one coming? I know what you're all thinking- "Lmao, you're actually finishing a story before you upload? That's to good to be true- that means that you're never going to be late on an upload ever again, and that you're going to be the best author of all time and that you're going to give us the best possible writing that your small pathetic mind can come up with!" *cough* Well, I'm not god O_O. I wish, but you know, there's always the possibility of me... you know... never deciding to finish the story, and uploading it anyway or something. But after all the effort I already put into this story... I really don't want to think of killing it D:

The story is probably going to have the word 'Dragon' in the title, because Dragon is the kids name, and it's rarely stated throughout the writing so far. In fact, I'm at a name count of 0. I haven't said his name ONCE. (and I have 12000... words so far :P) I haven't thought up something really good for the title yet. If you get an idea, tell me, blah blah blah... I doubt that anyone will though because...

I'm not giving away one ounce of the story plot. But I'll tell you that it's dark, twisted, and kinda full of blood. But so far, everyone I've shown it to DEMANDS that I write more and keep going at it. So... That just might happen. (It has a title, and it's on here... blah... yea... you know it if you read anything else up there...)

Oh, and for the people who missed a little fact up there in my last updates... This story is for Maplestory... but it's a good read, anyway, I think ^_^.

Til' next time... :D. AND REVIEW DAMMIT D:


I owe Lovely an apology T.T

I wasn't at my house for a while, so my updates with the list kinda slowed. I hadn't really noticed that you had updated TWICE in the time that I was gone. Heh heh... heh... *cough*

Gets shot*

Not like anyone's really following that story besides you. I had really made the beginning bad. Yeah, not my best idea. but don't worry, from today on, I'll make sure I upload the chapters I owe you.

Also, I know that two people that I know of are kinda waiting for this Maplestory fanfic to come out... well, It's not coming out soon, I can tell you that. I'll start uploading once I have at LEAST 30,000 words typed for it. It's only going to be about... erg, maybe 40,000 to 45,000 words long. Don't expect a story like Revolt of the Archers, or anything like that. It's not going to be that amazingly epic. I should have most of it done by the time school (T.T) starts.

Well, I'll see you all. (and if a get some more reviews for Escape, I'll upload! I don't like emails telling me to upload, I LIKE REVIEWS. The more reviews, the more people want to read, and the more reviews I end up getting. Thank you :D)

Update- 8/15/10

Just so you know, The List is going to be discontinued until further notice. This is because LovelySkyPirate seems to have "temporarily removed" or perhaps permanently removed his account. Until he's back up, there won't be anymore updates. Sorry about that. I did dedicate the story to him, after all. I'll upload the last chapter that I have typed for it.

Also, I'll upload a few chapters to a new story I have written. I don't know the name of it now. You'll see it when i upload it.

Update- Really, who's counting? I update so often that it REALLY does't matter the date anymore. Just read it T_T

Well, my first day of school begins tomorrow. Yes, I'm all ready and whatnot, but lucky for you guys, I have a little surprise XD. This really shouldn't effect my updates at all.

With all my inactivity on fanfiction, I've been typing. No, I haven't ditched you, I stopped short (with uploads) in the summer so that I could upload more in the school year, so I don't make all of you people sad :D With my (finally uploaded) Heart of a Dragon story... well, I don't know. We'll play it by ear. By now, I'm jumping around. I've lost track with most of my stories (but don't plan to keep it that way) so I really don't know what I'm going to do next. I made one of those little vote thingies in case you guys want a specific story updated. Maybe one that I haven't uploaded in... months... whatever floats you boat. Please not Escape though. Wanna know why? Because It's been getting me a lot of e-mails. BUT ONLY 1 REVIEW? Really guys? Does anyone read my posts? If you're going to leave a comment about a story, then REVIEW. Why would you e-mail me about it? Also, I finally deleted that stupid Swift story! Oh yea! :D

Well, that's all I can think of. If you leave me an e-mail, I'll kill myself. There. So don't do it.


I can happily state that I've deleted all of my discontinued stories XD. Yea! Finally got around to doing it.

Also, the new story is posted. It's called 'a Dragon at Heart'. People must think it's kinda good, seeing that it has one review per chapter :O. I'm on chapter four, but there are six chapters typed up for it. I refuse to update until I get another reviewer. Also, I kinda updated it today already... so... yeah, might be another twenty four hours until the next update, if any time.

Yeah, my updates are going to start to fall behind soon. Sadly. Quite sadly.

School has started, as I might have said already, and I also babysit and do a lot of other things.

Also, The List... Erg, I LOVE that story, but no one's really following it! By not following it, you make me sad :O. But still, the only person who was following deleted his account. Or... removed for a set amount of time... I'll start uploading once he comes back. Lovelyskypirate. Go kill him: Flood his inbox with dreaded hatemail! Or lovemail. Whatever you think will make him come back, just give him a little push! Or a large push off a cliff. Just help me out here T.T

Also, thanks to all my reviewers! (The entire eighteen of them -_-) Really, it means a lot to me. Also the people who favorite my stories, or in some really rare cases, alert to them. And you e-mailers, go to hell. Just kidding. Hell isn't a very good place. You don't have to go there. But really, don't e-mail me. Review, if it's story related. If not, then you have my permission to e-mail me :O


Yes, me again. Just for all of my confused reviews wondering why all the chapters to my stories are missing, I'm glad to say that they're actually NOT missing: They're just all blended together. I made all my thousand words long chapters longer by combining the chapters. It just seemed more helpful...

Also, I'd like to say: Be patient for you're uploads. I've got two stories expecting them, and they might not come out as often as you would like. Also, with reading every story that people want me to... it gets to be a little to much, more so if it's a long story. I'd be happy to read your three thousand word long story... but I'd be less happy to read your one hundred thousand word long story: It just takes up to much time! And with talking to all of you, do keep in mind, I might only be able to get in contact with you once a week, or even less: I've been taking on all the school classes I can for my own good :O I need them. So... sorry if you guys like to talk to me every day, I might not be able to follow through on that! But I will eventually get to you, I promise! Until next time, my lovelies!

Story status:

Don't cross the boarder line: On hold.

Escape: On hold.

The List: On hold until Lovely Sky Pirate gets back up on his feet.

A Dragon at Heart: I'll update when I feel like it :P

Wise words that I tell myself everyday because they're true:

You know, insanity is only one step away from sanity. You cannot be sane if you're not half insane. You cannot be completely insane without being half sane, yourself. But, of course, there are those people are a complete specimen of one: Insane, or sane, but not both, or half. Those are the common exceptions for what cannot be being. If insanity is only one step away from sanity, then a step in the other direction must be another something the opposite of being sane. But if insane is the opposite of sane and sane is already one step away, then perhaps we are wrong when we say that insanity and sanity are one step away from each other. Since there's no other other opposite for insanity otherwise sanity and vic versa, there must be something in between. You see, these people in between who are half sane and half insane can fully understand what it's like to be both. You cannot be sane if you're not half insane. You cannot be completely insane without being half sane yourself. Therefore, if you understand what it's like to be half insane and half sane, then you're a complete specimen of both, for with half of each mixed together, they blend together to be a whole. If you are one of the people who were born completely sane, or insane then you are an average specimen that is seen everyday on street corners, in mental hospitals, and so on, understanding the ones like you. If you're one of the rare few who are both, then you understand all and more, and are you're way to understand what it's like to be not insane, not sane, for you understand those two perfectly well, but what it's like to be in between, for it seems, in life, we understand ourselves less than we understand the ones around us. No matter who you understand more, or who you understand less, you yourself are the true mystery to you, and you're the only one who can really solve it. Have you solved yours?

I have.


Shoot for the moon.

If you miss, you'll land among the stars.

...or, of course, you'll hit empty space and travel on forever, lost, millions of miles away from both targets...

But, hey, it happens to the best of us, right?



Jump. Who cares when, where, what, why... it just matters who. Because, according to the laws of physics, you never hit the ground again. So there, you've always wanted to fly, haven't you? You just did. You still are. Enjoy it while it lasts forever.


A line is made up of infinite points. You are made up of lines. You are made up of points. There's an infinite amount of points inside of you. You are infinite. Everything about you. And think about this... if you were one point less, you wouldn't be anything. In fact, you'd be negative. Because, really, infinite has no measurement. Take one away from something that has no measurement, and you get negative one. This proves that you can't be anything less than infinite, or else you wouldn't even exist. Cool, right? Self esteem boost, and a way to confuse your math teacher.


You shouldn't jump off a building because, theoretically, you'd never hit the bottom.

You shouldn't burn yourself, because you wouldn't REALLY disappear, just scramble your particles.

You shouldn't cut yourself because, all in all, you're just wasting blood cells that you're body will remake.

You shouldn't shoot yourself because you wouldn't really die, just damage your physical being.

You shouldn't hurt yourself, because you're really hurting the people around you: your loved ones. Nothing's worse than knowing that a loved one hurt themself purposely, and you could be the reason why. Think before you do any of the above... is it really worth it?


(Entire profile update- 9/8/10)

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