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Hey guys, thanks so much for all your follows and favourites, they mean the absolute world to me. I'm really glad you guys seem to enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

I've always had a love for OC stories, and the way they can take a reader into the story itself, letting them experience the characters in a way they hadn't before.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I've currently got several original projects in the works. If you guys like my writing, then I really hope one day, when I have books published, you'll want to read them!

I seriously cherish every single one of you who reads and enjoys my work. You're the best, and you make everything I do worth it. I can't wait to create more and more, and keep adding to this family of followers, of people who like the kind of stories I write, as well as likeminded writers. Know you can always come to me for advice, and if my schedule permits, even beta reads (in certain fandoms). Hit me up, and let's talk about it!

SOCIALS: If any of you wanted to follow me on my socials, you can find me under ArrianeReads on both Twitter and Instagram. I mostly talk about books I'm reading and original stories I'm writing, but sometimes I'll mention my fics/answer questions about them over there. So if you're interested, hit me up there. I'm always thrilled to chat to you guys!

ALSO: For those of you wondering, I also post these stories on AO3 under the name "ImaginationFever" - so if you come across them on AO3 under that handle, know it's definitely me. However if you find these stories on any other platform, under any other name, please let me know asap. Thanks guys!

Currently Hard At Work on a Supernatural story (a Dean/OC, because I've never found one that I've loved, and when I can't find what I'm looking for I feel like my only option is to write it myself). Interested in beta readers and fellow fans to bounce ideas off. If you're interested, shoot me a message! :)

For those wondering, I've taken Nowhere to Run down, as I wasn't happy with it and I know it wasn't my best work. I will be working on revising and improving it to hopefully re-upload in the future, but it's not currently my priority. Sorry to anyone who liked/followed/favourited that story, and thanks for the support while it was up. If you liked that one, maybe check out So Close to Magic? You may enjoy it.

Survival & Savagery is one I update when I have time, more of a side project than something I'm putting lots of energy into. I've lost passion for the show (considering the mess that was the final season) and I'm truthfully not sure if I'll ever get back into it. For now I'm leaving it up, and who knows? In the future I may fall in love with the story again and continue on.

For those of you wondering, Heart of the Storm does have a sequel underway. It's currently in the early stages of development. My process is to write the entire thing before I post, because I find it helps not only with continuity and flow, but because it takes away the pressure of having to write every time I want to update. The sequel is as of yet unnamed, but I haven't forgotten about it, and I'm still hard at work writing it in between all my other projects. It's taking time, but it will get there eventually. Thanks so much for your support in that story, it really means the world that people loved it as much as I do.

Thanks, and keep reading!


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