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Pretty much your everyday multi-national Otaku of all things Ranma, Slayers and Macross related...when I am not plotting on how to wipe out the Jedi or perfecting my current lightsaber techniques. Oh yeah, and my best friend, soul-mate, inspiration (and in general Lisa Hayes to my Rick Hunter-isms) Ama-chan has sorta tried to force feed me Tenchi and even got me to try watching Revolutionary Girl Utena and Love Hina for awhile now too...weg. It seems that the longer that we are together, the more she tries to broaden my horizons beyond my normal viewing and reading cuisine of sci-fi and military style venues.(now if I cold only get her to watch Star Wars)While no date has been set yet...she is the love of my life. :)

Seems that I have finally gotten my hands wet in the writing if I could only pen the Star Wars story running rampant in my head. Hopefully, in the next little bit, as long as my other obligations don't pull me away from this fun outlet and hobby I am hoping to branch out into a few new venues with my writing and see what can happen.

Ah yes, seems there are some pictures up now for Pyrrhic Wardance, not to mention other great artwork for wonderful stories from the world of Macross and Robotech by the multi-talented GPPR. Come check them out here:


If it is not evident from my favorites links, I do have a few series and things that do peak my curiousity:


Macross (both the original Japanese as well as the Americanized versions)

Ranma 1/2


Love Hina (thanks Ama-chan)

Powerpuff Girls (gotta thank my wunderkind, Caitie-bird for getting me addicted to this one when she was still a babe (cross bubbles with blossom and there you go with my little powerpuff))

Teen Titans

Star Wars (isn't it obvious)--Everything from KOTOR and the Sith Wars all the way to NJO (although Chewie dying still does not sit well with me...same with Mara, although hers was more believable) Gotta say I am really enjoying the Legacy comic series, too!

Mechwarrior aka Battletech--who can't like 15 meter tall robots going stompy-stompy on all that they survey!

Neon Genesis Evangelion--See the Mechwarrior reason above, plus it is so interesting seeing how Anno puts everyone through the wringer like that.

Current Projects:

Well, after some serious thought, and some time away from the story, I am not sure if I am going to be able to contine my first two Robotech based stories, "Pyrrhic Wardance" and "Strange Bedfellows". Alot has happened in my life since I first put those two stories up, and I am not even sure as to what direction I would be going with them these days. I may eventually return to them, but after losing the outline scripts twice, as well as the draft for Chapter 10 of Pyrrhic Wardance 4 seperate times, well my muse is something of a rut in regards to what to do about that.

On the plus side, I am working on a new piece with a fellow author, Devaro Ayanami, in the Neon Genesis Evangelion section. We created a joint pen name for the endeavour, and our story is called "To Raise Lilim" If you are interested, or even bored, please feel free to take a look and drop us a line:

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