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Hi, this is the first time I'm going to be doing this, so I hope that the first fan fic I make is accepted just like some of the great writers that on this site. With that thank you and hopefully I will start my first Southern Vampire Mystery inspired and Twilight Saga inspired stores.

Sometimes I do have way too much time on my hands so, some of my stuff can get very detailed and crazy so please be gentle...I'm a fan fic VIRGIN lol;) :p ;K

All my Southern Vampire Mystery fan fics will have all are favorite telapath, vampires, shapeshifters, werewolfs, and fairys. My favorite characters are Eric, cause when I think of the character, I think and I know I'm not the only one think sex and hotness just drip out of his pours (yes you do! And you know its so true wink wink ;);K)

I will also love Harry Potter fan fics, my favorites pairings are Draco/Hermione Harry/Ginny Blaise/Luna Ron/Pansy

Im addicted to Harry Potter, I just wish that JKR could've added a secret romance with Hermione and Draco, you know show a different side to the two of them. Im going to try and do that. The storys that I'm going to do will be post Hogwarts and maybe one or two during the years at school.

I have noticed that no one has written any Sabina Kane story yet either and I just love those books and I plan on doing some of those as well, so I hope to start brainstorming one my first storys it will take me time to do them with how crazy my work schedule is so bare with me. :)

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