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My Name is Krista Dillin and I have been a huge fan of Fan Fiction for a while. I never was a big fiction reader before I was forced to watch Twilight. You see. I was the one that made fun of all those crazy fans that were screaming for this vampire Edward Cullen. I found it crazy that women my age and older were crushing on a guy in his 20's.

when Twilight (the book) came out I asked a friend of mine what it was about and she simply said it was about vampires. So I told her that I would pass because I no longer read books like that. When I was in high school I was a huge Anne Rice fan, but as I got older I started reading true crime books. So I told her to have fun with the book and that I would let her keep reading while I did something better with my time.

Then I had a friend move in with me and he brought the DVD of Twilight and told me that I just had to watch it. So here is this guy with Tattoos all over and muscles telling me to watch this movie, so I think that it is going to be some scary movie about vampires. Well as I am watching the scene where Edward shows his skin in the sun light I go to cover my eyes thinking that he is going to be scary or something like I still laugh at that part.

Well, long story short I LOVED the movie!!! I called my friend that had the book and told her that it is NOT a story about vampires. It is a love story. Then I ran out to the store and bought the book. Well I finished the book by the next morning and lets just say that I ran out that day and bought the rest of the series. I have never been a fast reader, but I finished the series in 4 days. I just couldn't get enough.

I am now one of those Twi-Moms. I am 31 years old and I have Edward Cullen and the rest of the crew all over my walls. My 7 year old daughter is Team Edward. And Yes, Robert Pattinson is a man that I can look at all the time. He is right next to Johnny Depp. I will be a fan of his for a while. It is nice to have an actor like him again, that is great to look at and that seems to be down to earth. I hope that he has a successful career.

SO now that Twilight is almost complete with the movies...I CAN'T WAIT FOR BREAKING DAWM 1 & 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I needed to find more stories with my favorite characters. And that is how I stumbled upon Fan Fiction. I have enjoy hundreds of stories and met some great authors through this site. I am greatfull that I am able to come and read some of the workings of authors that really should be published and be paid for what they right. I would pay for most of the stories that I have laughed, cried, and simply enjoyed.

I hope that the story that I am attempting to write is something that people might like. I have never tried to write a story. I tend to come up with story lines in my head all the time, even as a child, but never knew how to put them into writings. So we will see what happends.

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