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Thank you for reading my stories. I hope you enjoy them. A million thanks to all who choose to review. Your comments are truly appreciated.

Just so you know, I want to be one of those persons who don't just write stories, but start them.

If they ever make gene-treated animals for the free market, I so totally getting a honeybadger/tasmanian devil hybrid.

Ever had this little SPARK running through your brain with an idea for a crossover, or a storyline, then searched for it here, but didn't find it here? Yupp, that's me and my inspiration to write.

Just two further cents for all the Gents and Ladies.

You don't need to ask if you want to adopt or use my story as a springboard, nope, just tell ma that you use it and give me credit for what you use and all is peachy.

And, by the way, don't feel obligated to fav, follow or comment my stories, I do neither for others too. As I said it's not an obligation.

You know, the 'unwritten rules' in Wildbows 'Worm' are paper thin, but you really don't break them when you tell someone that Tomas Calvert certainly is not, absolutely NOT, the supervillain named Coil.

Some of the most awesome ff I ever read:


Naruo and Sasuke are Beavis and Butthead meet Jay (Kankuro) and Silent Bob (Gaara) meet Bill and Ted (Roushi and Han).

Sasuke is Beavis and the leaving Beavis is CORNHOLIO!!! Btw, Itachi is Daria. The rest is up for grabs.

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