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heys peoples,

So... what to write, what to write... So anyway lets see.
My name is Claire and I'm from Australia, I'm 16 and I love horses. I used to own some but when my dad lost his job and we had to move off the farm I had to give them up. *Tear Tear*. I live near the beach and I love to surf, I think my favourite things to do are read, write, ride, surf and hike/mountin climbing. My mum wants to be a writter, so thats were I think my love to write comes from, but my dream job is to help people. I don't care really what the job is just as long as it does not involve blood or hights. * eck * I spend my weekends doing charity work for a organisation that I probably shouldn't say online... I don't like to be kept inside all day, I hate it, being outside is so much fun.(I even read outside... well when its not raining. because you see I have a REALLY big oak tree in my back yard near a creak and the is were I like to read)

um I can't really think of anything else to write on here but if there is more you want to now just PM me.

yours sarcastically,

Fishy (my nic name) ^_^

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