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Ok, here is all you need/want/have/don't care to know.

1- My name is Logan.

2- I may or may not be insane...OK I'm bat shit insane.

C no 3- My favorite fictional characters are the characters from Doctor Who and all the Doctors, all Invader Zim characters especially Gir, Godzilla and almost all kaiju, most Naruto characters, all from Death Note, Avengers, and several others that dont come to mind.

D or 4- I like Queen, Lordi, Daft Punk, The Beatles, and many other Bands

26 and Z- I want to get into writing, especially anything sci fi. One such book I never put much work into I do plan on one day putting to paper and releasing it. Until then, fanfiction is a way to improve my writing.

42-The secret of life, the universe and everything- Finally, I hope you like my stories. If you do write a comment or give a review, If you don't like them tell me what you didn't like about them so I can fix later stories.

100-You can find my drawings on Deviantart

101-My Youtube account.

102-My Facebook

Current Projects

Doctor Who multi Crossover series

The Doctor Who multi crossover series, where the Events between The Waters of Mars and the End of Time had the Doctor run into several different characters from different series, The funny thing is my friend, who knows I like writing stories challenged me a 50$ bet to do a crossover with Twilight and upload it on here, I deleted it since I have a different idea in the future with vampires and werewolves from the underworld series to be the vampires and werewolves in my multi crossover story and I don't want the whole "Why are there different vampires and werewolves in the same universe" so sorry if you liked that crossover. Now I am not a real fan of Twilight, and I'm not really one of those super anti twilight idiots who act as if Twilight is worse than the Holocaust. I did have to read ALL FOUR BOOKS, it was draining but not terrible, and I have read other fan fics of Twilight to get in the mindset, I decided to use my favorite series Doctor Who, and you'll probably notice I kept the main elements of the story on him, anyway I got the money and was asked to do a squeal still in the same universe but without the 10th so much, so I moved to my second favorite Doctor Who character the Master. But I saw potential in the story, like what if the Doctor visited shows, books, and movies I actually like. Why? I don't really know.

After a while I wrote The Doctor Who and Haruhi series crossover, and decided to keep it in my story cannon(Not Cannon for the Movies and Shows characters obviously) and go from begging till the stories meet up, now I haven't seen much of the 11th Doctor, but from what I have seen he is pretty damn good. But these stories will all be together, it's not necessary to read them all but It may help. I plan on using all of my favorite shows, but since some shows such as Naruto, which has a completely different geological and technological differences I use alternate Universes. Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated so e'mail me at logansavoie@ as some of my favorite shows are hard to follow these days, I can be a bit behind of the current shows on TV.

Update: I am giving the Doctor Who multi crossover thing a break.

Biomass Effect

Biomass Effect came about after reading a lot of alternate first contact stories for various Mass Effect fics. I happen to like these kinds of stories and wanted to take a shot at it myself. I was always interested in biology, but couldn't think of a way to use that interest as much as I wanted, until I thought of Prototype. I simply took Prototype to its logical conclusion if the virus got really out of hand. It snowballed from there. It is probably my favorite story to write because I put a lot of my beliefs into it. Such as my transhumanist ideals. It is without a doubt my most popular story as well, and I love getting feedback from all of you as it goes on. So thanks for that, you rock.

Naruto Look to the Stars

A Naruto Cthulhu Mythos crossover. The story will me my longest story to date, To me such a crossover just makes sense. Both Naruto and the Cthulhu mythos have the strange cancerous ability to meld with every single body of fiction ever made ever. Seriously it is astounding that there is so few. Or sure you see a few Naruto fics with Cthulhu Mythos elements but never is it the focus. Either way the story is a simple one, Naruto finds the Necronomicon and everything else just kind of happens as a result of that.

Update:Needs a complete overhaul, will be editing it in the future.

Naruto Look to the Stars Art

Naruto Eldritch Form

Naruto Eldritch Form 2

XCOM: Phoenix

I play a lot of XCOM, and when I play the harder difficulties, I tend to lose and die A LOT. One thing that always got to me was what happened when the XCOM projects fail. What happens to the soldiers. This is a story where that happens. In it several soldiers and XCOM personnel become vigilante's and freedom fighters against the Ethereal menace. The story follows several different soldiers who have been genetically modified, cybernetically modified, or possess psionics as they fight against the aliens there own way. While Officer Bradford and the Commander, with help from Dr. Vahlen and Doctor Shin attempt to find these old soldiers and create a new XCOM with no funding and doing whatever it takes to win council be damned. I call it XCOM-Phoenix as a reference of a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Update: Hiatus for now

Multiversal Alliance

My general excuse to write whatever comes to mind. A MASSIVE crossover of just about everything with everything else, all while having some semblance of a plot. Updates will be schizophrenic.

We are Venom/The Last Writings of Carlisle Cullen MD

Believe it or not, I like a few things about the Twilight series. The characters that aren't Bella or Edward can be interesting. My favorite is Leah Clearwater, Aro, and Charlie Swan AKA Moustache Dad. Though only the movie portrayals for the later two. That said, I like Cosmic Horror Stories a lot better, so I challenged myself to create a cosmic horror twilight story. I like how it came out.

Future Projects

I have several Ideas I want to work on, though I want to finish the stories I do have right now first.


1. The First Project I want to work on is a story where Naruto sneezes during the land of waves while learning tree walking, and as a result of making a falling leaf stay in the air longer than it should, results in his death during the valley of the end. Sasuke plunges his hand through Naruto's heart, but while it's within him Naruto grabs his hand as Chakra Chains emerge from his body and keep Sasuke still. The Foxes Chakra also mutates Sasuke's arm allowing him to create a Chakra Cloak around his hand and other unique powers. The result is a shell shocked Sasuke who is traumatized by the event. Naruto however gets buried. But the fox floods demonic chakra through the body and Naruto returns to life as an undead chakra and flesh eating being with few memories of life and the ability to use Chakra chains and heal his emaciated, withered, and undead body. Sasuke through the story is ostracized by Konoha, even by Sakura and feels genially guilty about the whole ordeal. Naruto however spends most of the story trying to regain his memories while dealing with the compulsion of feeding on flesh and chakra.

2. Another project I have in mind is a sort of reversal of normal "Naruto gets a Bloodline' story. In it Naruto gets a dojutsu he can't control, basically it allows him to teleport anywhere he is looking at whether he wants to or not. If his eyes are not closed he just teleports into walls, people, and anything else he sees against his will in one second intervals. Basically if he looks at something he teleports there and one second later he teleports at whatever he is looking at again. The only time this does not work is when he is sleeping or unconscious. In the story Naruto actually has to have one eye removed and replaced with a normal eye, while the other eye is kept in an eye patch.

3. Another idea is a story where Naruto gets the Nine Tails Chakra mode ridiculously young, like at 5 after an accident with the seal. I'm not sure about this story or how it would work but it's in my mind as a possible project.

RANDOM THOUGHTS, Brought to you by Soylent Green-Its people

Random Thought 1 Anyway...Time for some random thoughts on stuff no one cares about but reading this might make you think. Ok you know how hotels don't have a 13th floor due to superstition. I'm fine with that, but before I go on, everyone on the 14th floor. YOU KNOW WHAT FLOOR YOUR REALLY ON (insert evil laugh here). But here's what I think. Why the fuck would you build your damn hotel that fucking high if your just going to ignore math, maybe its just me but I always thought that this shit started when the first hotel that high that the carpenters just forgot how to count for a minute and said. "Fuck it it might catch on" right before they went home and do whatever they do when ot building stuff, maybe they build garages next to there garage I don't know but I seem to be off topic. Maybe buildings today are just too fucking high, think about it, there is miles and miles and miles of flat country with no trees or anything where you can put reaonable sized buildings...What the fuck am I smoking right now. Anyway allow me to continue, lets say for sake of example i.e this shit really fucking happened, some bungie jumpers decide to jump off a really tall fucking hotel and dont factor in that there on the wrong measurment system cause you have to use carpenters with down syndrome math, they jump down and a few seconds later. SPLAT, looks like Timmy Testosterone just became one with the pavement, seriously what the fuck is wrong with these people, I get superstition, but 13 is just a fucking number, just like Fuck is just a word, it's not going to hurt anyone, and even if it does just demolish up to floor 12. Why am I saying this, I have absalutly no fucking idea but I blame way too much free time on my hands and the steadily increasing insanity that is my mind fucking with itself.

Random Thought 2 Why is it that we do not have flying cars yet, Back to the Future promised me fusion power and flying cars. My guess is that Dr. Brown didn't get a very good bullet proof vest when the terroists shot him and he was replaced by a pod person. And those Pod People are restricting human advancement so that when they invade we cannot put up much of a resistance with our cars that have wheels and stuff. I believe our only hope is to find Christopher Lloyd and test him to see id he is a body snatcher of some kind. If we can do so then Humanity will realize the impending alien invasion and we will begin development of laser blasters, mechs, Super Soldiers, and lightsabers.

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