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Sex: female.

Info on my stories:

Incomplete Stories:

Guerilla Warfare: Incomplete, Last chapter (Ch 18) updated on April 14th. Now over 48,000 words long!

Zeia's story: Incomplete, Last Chapter (Ch 13) updated on April 14th. Now over 30,000 words long.

All other stories on FF net are complete.

IMPORTANT INFO: Guerilla Warfare now has a tag-a-long oneshot written for it called Secrets. Look for it on my authors page.

Also my updating may be really weird for a while. It's the end of the year for school and cadets, so I have important dates for both coming up. Also after school is done I will have to go job hunting. Then when i get one I will obviously lose writing time to work hours. I'm really sorry, but at my age getting a job and saving for university is really important.

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