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Credits and Generic Statement about all my Kim Possible Fics

I find that it is tiresome to repeat in each chapter that I do not own Kim Possible and that those characters belong to Disney. Since you came to Fanfiction_dot_net and not Disney_dot_com, that should not be a surprise to you.

So I will declare that here:

I do not own Kim Possible and that all those characters belong to Disney.

In addition, if it is a Ninja character or concept and not from Kim Possible, then I am most likely using it with permission from Sentinel103. This is especially true for:

Wanda Wang who goes under the alias Wendy Wu in some of my stories.

Suzy Chin who goes under the alias Subira Chen in some of my stories.

Sentinel103 says:

Suzy is actually the saner of the two while Wanda is more lethal and more of a prankster. So Wanda is the wild card and Suzy is the one who ‘grounds’ her.

Wanda can be a vicious fighter (and is) also consumes more alcohol, She is taller by almost 6 inches. She is a brawler she wants to hurt you.

Suzy is more petite and is a lightning-fast fighter with the knife. Wanda is more durable and brutal, Suzy is smarter and quicker. Wanda is more snarky and quicker to anger.

In my 'headcanon,' Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) is an even bigger prankster than Wanda and that's why he selected her to be the "Mistress Sensei" of the new Yamanouchi after he directs her to use the Lotus blade to build it in the story Finite Middletons. (The sequel to STD 2018 Feels)

My "Peeps"

I do not write in a vacuum and have a group of writers that I rely on for sanity checks and to bounce ideas off of at the very least. At most, they have provided dialog and plot bunnies. They are (alphabetical order)




And I would be remiss if I did not mention the assistance from


Beat Saber Exhibition

In a soon to be released chapter, the Middleton Kung Phooey Club has talked the sponsors of an upcoming tournament into a "Beat Saber" exhibition competition. As the game had only sold a million copies as of Feb 2019(!) and requires a VR helmet to play, you may not have seen it. Basically the idea is to hold two lightsabers, one red and one blue. A stream of red and blue block come toward you. Hit the red blocks with the red saber and the blue blocks with the blue saber. A triangle on the block indicates the direction that you must strike the block. Blocks with dots may be hit in any direction. Piece of cake right?

Here are links showing the game in action, played by people who know what they are doing:

Beat Saber "Footloose"

Beat Saber "Shatter Me"

Beat Saber "Havana" Slower songs let you be slinkier

Beat Saber "Holding out for a hero" Even fast songs can be danced to

General Playlist

Ron asked for a demo where the lightsabers are used like a Bo staff (Darth Maul Mode)

Here are two examples:

This is how I imagine Ron's practice session

Someone, maybe Tara, shows Ron even in Bo-staff, you can still shake it

They've added a new capability where the point of origin of the objects can move.

Beat Saber - 360-degree mode

Notes for Finite Middleton along with recurring non-Disney characters

At the end of STD 2018 Feels, some surviving Yamanouchi Ninjas were taken back in time to approximately two years before Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable met in pre-K. Two, Hirotaka and Yori studied at a Junior College the necessary classes to become Nannies. Their mission is to be close to Kim and Ron to help mold them and train them, so they can correct the timeline so that the Lowardians will not destroy Japan.

Two other Team Cobra Members, Wanda Wang, and Suzy Chin also go back in time to create another Yamanouchi Temple. The goal here is to properly train the Mystical Monkey Master instead of letting them wander around floundering and then telling them "You are ready" when the going gets tough.

Also, Ron's mother is now Jeanie Stoppable as Jean Stoppable was a poor choice as his Dad's name was Gene.

There should be nothing else that you need to know except that the author does not repeat anything that happened in the episodes shown on TV text unless this story changed what happened.


Bit of cultural literacy for chapter 16:
Gus' Galaxy Grill - Space Eats

The cast of characters:

Amanda "Nana" Possible: Kim's Grandmother. A 'Woman in Black' if there ever was one. Was married to Dr. Henry Jones, Jr, changed her name back to Possible after he and Marion Ravenwood went missing on an assignment and were presumed dead. (chapter 3, Making KP)

Gray: Alien Time Traveler, in cahoots with Nana.

Warbyrd: Lowardian Grad student trapped in the past. She claims: "I am from the future on a research assignment and cannot go home because the home I came from no longer exists. My research was on the influence of Middleton on future fashion trends in this part of the galaxy. I don't have any records concerning Warmonga or even Ron and Kim in my personal database's memory. The closest I have is the name of a classmate of theirs, Monique." Also in cahoots with Nana.

Katsumi Cullen: Yamanouchi Ninja, Survived the destruction of Japan because she was in Middleton working closely with Wade Load at the time. A charter member of Team Indigo.

Yamanouchi Ninja that traveled to the past:

Note: due to Time Travel, Hiero and Yoriko are 14 years older than Ron and Kim in this story. Being from a more senior class, Wanda and Suzie are both a year older than Hirotaka and Yori.

Hiero Misutanani: alias used by Hirotaka. (Team Cobra)

Yoriko Tanaka: alias used by Yori. (Team Cobra)

Wendy Wu: alias used by Wanda Wang. (Team Cobra)

Subira Chen: alias used by Suzie Chin. (Team Cobra)

Inshuru (Team Orange, can drive anything with wheels or treads)

Renzo Nishi (Team Orange, team leader/hacker)

Ichiro Kamuta (Team Orange, driver/bodyguard, very talented in Aikido)

Various people that Kim and Ron encounter.

John "The Boulder" Jackson was the State Trooper who Kim and Ron assisted in an early mission.

Mrs. Murphy and Tabby was the owner and cat involved in The Chocolate Cat Mission. She also gave them a ride to Mr. Paisley's place.

Mrs. Florida Fine: school administrator, in charge of tutoring programs with middle schools that feed into Middleton High

Mrs. Karen Savage: Phys Ed teacher and coach.

Boyd Wozniak: Math teacher, science fair sponsor.

Officer Sharon Morrow and Sally: Policewoman and police dog assisted in an early mission,

Master Kahn, Master Po, Shaolin Monks from the Monastery that Nana studied at as a young woman.

About Me

I started reading FanFiction years ago with the excellent stories by ArmyDude as my introduction. Actually his crossover between Full Metal Panic and Kim Possible introduced me to Kim Possible. I have been amazed by the quality of stories that can be found here.

I started writing stories here because I had a couple of ideas I wanted to play with and I wanted to try to give back a teeny bit to the community of writers whose work I have enjoyed for years.

I really am a beginning author and find the writing process fascinating. I try to be more or less rooted in reality. Not too many authors put footnotes and references in their fiction, but I figure that if I found something interesting, maybe you will too.


PS, if you just want to check out some of my writing, may I be so bold as to suggest "Making KP". It happens before all the rest, before the series even, so it is pretty much standalone.

I prefer to answer comments directly instead of in the story itself.

One comment that was sent anonymously was:

"Why is this is so overly complicated so annoying"

The flip answer is "Have you not read any of my stuff? I mean really, some of my stories have footnotes and references!"

The serious answer is that this is part of the power of Fan Fiction. Specifically,

- I don't have to worry about the writer working on next week's show. That is, I can have life-changing events that happen to the main characters. In a series, that makes continuity hard. In Fan Fiction, the next writer gets to pick his set up for his story.

- I don't have to wrap up the story in twenty minutes. I have the luxury of having the heroes deal with messier problems.

- If I want to write short works that are far less messy but still entertaining, well, writers like Pinky Jo Curlytail and whitem (and many others) have shown that it can be done and done well. I claim that my story The Last Monkey Master is far less complicated than my others.

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