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I'm a little dramatic, a little over-emotional, and not every thought I have makes complete sense. Writing helps me with that.

I write for whatever fandom strikes my fancy, but I will probably only write for anime and/or cartoons. InuYasha was my favorite for a while, and it still makes my top five for the creatures and characters and all the possibilities it leaves open!
I like fantasy adventures of that sort!
My affinity for Magical Girl anime remains as well. Ojamajo Doremi is still my favorite in that genre, as far as how it made me feel throughout the series. Mostly light and fluffy, but some really heavy heart-felt feels when it got down to it!

Recently, I also like video game concepts, and things they leave unexplored. I like the NiGHTS and Sonic the Hedgehog series best, and I have been inspired by some things I've seen in each of those game series!

All this is not to say I don't like anything that isn't animated. I've been rather fond of the Harry Potter series (only seen the movies, at current), the recent Star Trek films, and the Star Wars series is pretty good too!
I'm a fan of the Series of Unfortunate Events, the Mysterious Benedict Society, and the Lunar Chronicles!
I've seen some Doctor Who and Supernatural. I've watched the whole Sherlock series. I've even seen a bit of Downton Abbey.
I just don't know how to write for these. I'm not inspired the same way, somehow. Not currently, anyway. That could change at any time!

That's about it. I'm a writer. Pretty average. A few ideas up my sleeve for my writing in the near future. We shall soon see!

March 24th 2020, Update: I have decided to delete a fair few stories, today. They were simply too cringey and awful for me to keep these things from my horrendous weeaboo phase. Or, at least, anything where I used an OC to tell the story. I was a kid. I had fun writing the stories. It was great in the moment... but I don't want them to be around to define my future work.
As it is, some of the work I have left up is still a little weird, with me showing off how much Japanese I knew at the time, and putting characters out of character. But, mostly, it isn't too unbearable... that I can remember.
Anyway, thank you, everyone, for reading from me, and not being too rude with me about my childish phase! Your patience and kindness are most appreciated!

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