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Hey guys, so I'm gonna keep this short, because to be perfectly honest; I think I'm rather dull and boring so i'll just give you guys the basics

Name: Monique

Age: I don't know :S It randomly keeps changing every year like wtf

Current location: 2nd star to the left and straight on till morning

Favourite Books: Riley Jenson Series(AMAZING BOOKS! Totally recommend them) Christine Feehans Leopard Series and anything from Kresley Cole.

MAJOR Harry Potter Fan! quite obsessed with it really.

I DOOO love twilight, however I'm more in love with the twilight fanfictions that the actually books.

Right now, I'm going through this weird obsession with The Mafia. I know, I know weird right? But something about it just really intrigues me so I'm greedily going through every story that even mentions the word 'Mob'.

Soo yeah! thats me, boring as hell...Well, I guess hell wouldn't be boring wouldn't it? with the whole burning for eternity thingy...

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